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Hear What Fans Are Saying About the New PCHLotto!

Greetings, fans and friends,

Have you tried playing the New PCHLotto yet?

We kicked off our New PCHLotto in August – and it’s been getting rave reviews!

What’s the New PCHLotto? It’s a sight and sound extravaganza, chock full of new prize opportunities! There are brand new cards to play on a brand new site, filled with glorious graphics, amazing animation and awesome audio!

For instance, the Bigger Bucks Rolling Jackpot cards jump right out of a champagne bottle … the lotto balls have pop-up messages that appear between each of your cards, like “Are you an astronaut? Those numbers are out of this world!” … and the new “Save My Numbers” feature lets you play your favorite numbers anytime!

I personally had a blast when I tried the New PCHLotto! With each new game, I couldn’t wait to experience that “extra something.” When I picked my numbers for the “250,000.00 Rock Star Game,” it was accompanied by the chords of an electric guitar – just like at a real rock concert!

New PCHlotto Rock Star Lotto CardUntitled

And, I smiled as I heard the colorful horses neighing when I chose my “5,000.00 Gallop for the Gold” numbers. How fun is that!

New PCHlotto Gallop for Gold Lotto Card

I now understand why the PCH Prize Patrol is so ecstatic over the New PCHLotto – and I definitely get it when our fans tell us how much they enjoy playing. Here’s what a few of you have to say:

“There are SO MANY THINGS about the New PCHLotto that I LOVE!!! The little comments are just so cute and I love the backgrounds … and the PCHLotto cards are works of art! I can’t pick my favorite – the graphics are outstanding, and so are the sounds and music that go with them. I just love all your work. PCHLotto has come a long way! Great job, guys!” – Donna O.

“I just wanted to thank you for a job well done. I can tell you put a great deal of work into these new Lotto games. Seriously, I think the games are Super Hot! I just hope my computer doesn’t catch on fire!” – Debbie R.

“I love playing the New PCHLotto. I love the animations and all the cute sayings. It has made PCHLotto more fun to play.” – Pamela B.

“It’s so fun to play the colorful new Lotto games and I enjoy the exciting scenes … winning has never been so interesting! PCHLotto, you outdid yourselves!” – Pauline M.

“Publishers Clearing House gives me the opportunity to play 18 animated awesome cards that are interesting and fun. What do I like best about PCHLotto? It’s FREE! FREE! FREE! to play!” – Gladys L.

Thanks, everyone, for all the compliments! At Publishers Clearing House, we want to give you the best free-to-play gaming experience possible!

So, now that you’ve heard what others have to say, check out the New PCHLotto for yourself – and let us know what you think!

Good Luck and Happy Gaming!

Debbie K.
PCH Creative

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