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What Do YOU Think the Letters “PCH” Stand for?

Greetings, fans and friends,


PCH – Publishers Clearing House – means the chance at winning awesome prizes  … enjoying exciting, free-to-play games… and even a terrific place to search and win! But PCH means so much more!

In a recent blog comment, one of our enthusiastic fans told us that “PCH” stood for “Pure Caring Heart”. I think that’s absolutely beautiful – and it made me wonder, what do YOU think the letters “PCH” stand for?

“PCH” could stand for:

  • People Creating Hope
  • Prizes, Contests, Hooray!
  • Prancing, Clapping, Hugging (during a big “Winning Moment”!)
  • Please Come Here (if you’d want the Prize Patrol to come to your door!)Well, I think I’ll turn it over to you now! What fun phrases can you come up with using the letters “PCH”? We can’t wait to read them!

    Peace, Cheer, Happiness!

    Debbie K.

    PCH Creative

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