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What Is Your First Memory of PCH?

Hello, fans and friends,

I would venture to say that throughout the years, PCH has become part of our culture! People all over the country – and maybe even around the world – have heard of the one-and-only Publishers Clearing House … our life-changing sweepstakes … and our famous Prize Patrol.

first memory of PCH

A framed old-fashioned PCH Stampsheet hangs on the wall at company headquarters in Port Washington, New York. Do YOU remember these big sheets of Order stamps?

I personally find that I don’t have too much explaining to do when I tell people where I work. The first thing they usually say is, “Oh, can you help me win?” (Sorry, folks I can’t!) Then they tell me how they remember receiving PCH mailings as kids (upon which I explain about all the cool things PCH is doing now!).

I’ll bet lots of you have memories of Publishers Clearing House that go back to childhood. I can recall those oversized envelopes arriving at my house when I was a little girl. I would open them up to find colorful magazine flyers and big sheets of order stamps. I actually think this is where my mother might have ordered my first magazine subscription  to Humpty Dumpty!

So, I decided to ask my PCH friends what their first memories of PCH were.

Amanda C. told me, “My first memory of PCH was hearing stories from my grandmother who worked at Publishers Clearing House before I was born! She worked in the Customer Service Department and always loved reflecting back on her PCH days, especially how much joy she had talking with customers on the phone! I guess I inherited my PCH gene from her!”

Jane M. said, I remember my mom getting great deals on her favorite magazines from PCH, and now that I work here, I can help carry on that same money-saving tradition for our new customers!

And Marybeth H. replied, “I remember watching the commercials where the PCH Prize Patrol awarded an unsuspecting person the enormous SuperPrize. I always wondered if it was real, but now that I work at PCH, I can tell everyone it is VERY real!”

So, now I turn it over to you, fans and friends!

What’s Your First Memory of PCH?

• Do you remember going through our colorful mailings with your parents or grandparents, and tearing off and affixing those stamps?
• Was your first PCH memory watching a thrilling Publishers Clearing House “Winning Moment” commercial on TV?
• Or, was your first memory of Publishers Clearing House playing one of our fun, free-to-play online games … or maybe using another one of our engaging sites like Search&Win?

Whatever it is, tell us your first PCH memory! We’d love to hear it. And if you can’t recall your first memory, then tell us how you’re making new PCH memories now with your family!

Thanks for the memories!

Debbie K.
PCH Creative

P.S. The clock is ticking! There’s only 5 DAYS LEFT TO ENTER!


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