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LAST Day to Enter For The “Double The Cash” Prize Event!


Hello PCH fans!

 It’s an exciting time here at Publishers Clearing House! If you don’t already know, we are only days away from our November 25th “Double The Cash” Special Early Look prize event! Take a look at our special video below for an important message about this chance of a lifetime!


 So what makes this “Double The Cash” prize so special? Well, it’s our LARGEST lifetime weekly prize ever offered! It’s DOUBLE our standard $5,000 a week for life prize – YES, $10,000 every single week for life!

Last day to enter for Double the Cash

So, what would you do with all that money? With $10,000 coming in week after week after week, the sky would really be the limit! You could buy a house, a brand new car, go on a shopping spree…the list goes on and on!

 If you haven’t entered yet, don’t fear! There is still time, but do hurry, because today is the ABSOLUTE LAST DAY! Don’t miss your chance to change your life and gain some serious financial security!

Remember that you can enter on each of our sites ­– at, PCHSearch&Win, PCHlotto, PCHgames and more! So why not take advantage of them all? That way you can really MAXIMIZE your chances of winning!

 YOUR chance to win $10,000 A Week For Life is NOW – so if you want your dream to become a reality, get moving and ENTER, ENTER, ENTER!

 Good Luck!

 Victoria C.

PCH Creative

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