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What happens after the PCH Prize Patrol Delivers a “Big Check?”

Hi everyone it’s me, Danielle Lam from the PCH Prize Patrol Elite team. A fan recently left a comment on a blog asking what happens after the PCH Prize Patrol delivers a Big Check? Well, I have some experience in that area so I’d love to answer (wink wink).

The truth is that it often depends on our travel arrangements. If we don’t have to rush to catch a flight either home or to another winner, we will absolutely spend time with the winner! For example, when Tari Woods from Pagosa Springs, Colorado won a $1 Million SuperPrize, the Prize Patrol joined her family and friends at a local restaurant for celebratory lunch and drinks. It was so much fun getting to know everyone and learning about Pagosa Springs, a town that I had never been to before.

Tari Woods PCH Winner

There was another PCH prize award where I spent time with Karen Anderson at her home in Bella Vista, Arkansas after her surprise $1 Million cash windfall. Her and I quickly hit it off talking about how she loves dogs, likes to save money and knit. We still keep in touch to this day!

Karen Anderson PCH Winner

Other times, even if the winners aren’t available to spend time with the Prize Patrol for one reason or another, we will do some local sight seeing and go to dinner at a local restaurant and talk to people from the community.

I really feel blessed to have the opportunity to not only hand deliver financial relief to lucky PCH Sweepstakes winners, but to travel the country and visit towns I never would have otherwise!

So if the Prize Patrol awarded YOU with a Big Check, what would YOU want to do with us afterwards? Comment below and let me know!



Danielle Lam

PCH Prize Patrol Elite Team

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  1. I have plenty of time for lunch, dinner or just drinks or seeing the town and visit to Palm beach see Milner houses or go on the Duck tour around the island. Come on there is plenty to do.