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Behind The Scenes at PCH – Sweepstakes Millionaire Pays A Visit

It’s me Danielle with the PCH Prize Patrol Elite Team, and I’m THRILLED to share an exciting behind the scenes look at PCH headquarters for a VERY special event. On January 20th the Prize Patrol surprised Sweepstakes Millionaire Rosemary Cella – a winning moment that was one for the record books. The two-state hunt resulted in screaming, tears of joy, laughs and PCH TV history!

Publishers Clearing House has around 450 employees who just love when the Prize Patrol makes dreams come true, but they rarely get to actually meet our winners in person. Since the Cella family currently lives in New York, I wanted to plan a special
“Meet our newest millionaire” event at PCH headquarters. Not only would the Cella family get to see a rare behind the scenes look at PCH headquarters and our employees, but our employees would get to see how all their hard work pays off — we really DO make dreams come true all the time!

We sent a car to pick up PCH winner Rosemary Cella and her family, and literally rolled out the red carpet for them when they arrived! After an intimate breakfast with the Prize Patrol, PCH executives and others, we had all the employees gathered together to greet them. The energy in the room was electric and the Cella’s were overjoyed. Here’s an exciting video of the event where we had a special video presentation and even had the children of the Cella family act as the “kiddie Prize Patrol” and award prizes to PCH employees!


The whole visit was so AMAZING, and it brings tears to my eyes just watching the video! I LOVED seeing the Cella family again, and also getting to spread their joy to all our wonderful PCH employees. Plus it was a blast hanging out with the Cella grandchildren – aren’t they the cutest?

So what did you think of this event I set up for PCH’s newest Sweepstakes millionaire and our employees? If you won the PCH Sweepstakes, would you want to be part of a special event like that? If so, who would you invite to come along? Comment below and let me know! And don’t forget, we’ll be on the road again soon…enter today and YOU could be next!

Danielle Lam
PCH Prize Patrol Elite

P.S. We asked the Cella family A LOT of the questions you all submitted on our February 17th blog. In just a few days Matt K. will be posting a special blog with the answers, so be sure to stay tuned!

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