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“Lucky” The PCH Big Check will make someone a Millionaire tomorrow!

Lucky the Big Check

Hello, my friends … the exciting day is almost here!

Tomorrow, April 30th, the Prize Patrol will wrap me — Lucky, the debonair PCH Big Check — in craft paper and escort me to the home of our newest millionaire! The TV cameras will be rolling to capture the dear winner’s joy at seeing ME – with his or her name written on my handsome face!

WHO is that winner, you ask?  I am sworn to secrecy – even enduring strips of itchy masking tape on my face to hide that fortunate person’s name.

Tomorrow, you will definitely find out – just be sure to pay visits to our PCH Fan Page on Facebook for behind-the-scenes videos and hints leading right up to the winner announcement – and the exciting Winning Moment video. I have word that there will also be hints and clues posted here on this blog, too!

Dave, Todd and Danielle , my Prize Patrol pals, say that I’m like a kid on his birthday, I get so excited on the day before we deliver a BIG prize!

And why not?  It’s at big Prize Events like tomorrow that I get to bask in the spotlight as the suave white-and-green star that I am. And when I think of the joy and admiration on the winner’s face … it’s just … (sniff) — mustn’t choke up or my ink will run.

(Be honest: do I sound the slightest bit vain to you?)

Lucky Big Check In MIrror

So I hope you’ll watch my big close-up tomorrow – or maybe even MEET me face-to-face if you’re our winner. I don’t kid myself: if not for cherished fans like you, I’d be just another piece of poster board in the Staples sale bin – instead of a star!

Until tomorrow ….

The PCH Big Check

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  2. I pray to God that I will be your next big winner, to win the 15 million or 90 million or 10 million from PCH. I’m in it to win it all PCH.

  3. Hey PCH is this the lucky check page where you win I sure hope so I claim ownership of 70000 a week in October 2022 I claim ownership #190000iclaim all #Winnnertakesallihave faith still in it to win it come to South Carolina Prize Patrol please 🙏 please 🙏 blessings in disguise I believe coming my way!

  4. Hey Lucky I am LindA way down south in LA If I would see you I would for the first time consider myself lucky If I’m your winner and you come to LA for your sake leave the suit behind wear casual cottons if possible I will be hoping hey on down!!!

  5. I just keep pushing myself to the fullest because I know when I don’t give up on something it’s cuz it’s real and I dream to achieve it ..
    I love the inspiration and hopes that I get from pch really pushes me more but then u do think to urself is this really real or what or just messing with my head..well bot sure till it happens to me one day cuz i do have a strong faith and can feel it in my gutt..
    God never has me do something I can’t handle..