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Why Should You Become Our Next SuperPrize Winner?

Next SuperPrize winner

I love a good debate.Whether it’s arguing with my friends over which sports team is better or locking horns with my family members about whether Scarlet O’Hara should have been with Rhett Butler or Ashley Wilkes (Rhett, duh!), there’s nothing like a good natured debate to get your mind active!

We all know that the life changing Publishers Clearing House SuperPrize winner is selected by a random draw, but today, just for fun, we’re asking you to comment on this blog and tell us why you think YOU should become our next SuperPrize winner.

Would you base it on your winning moment reaction? Would your reaction as seeing the Prize Patrol be enough to convince PCH to give you the Big Check? Maybe you’ve seen our dozens upon dozens of fantastic commercials with every reaction you can imagine. Maybe you could promise to everyone that YOUR reaction could beat them ALL, with lots of jumping up and down, screaming, and maybe even an awesome victory dance! What would your reaction be like?

If dancing isn’t your thing, maybe you could make a case for your financial needs! Have a mountain of bills that need paying? Or does more money seem to be going OUT of your checking account compared to what’s coming IN? Why would your financial situation make you the ideal SuperPrize winner? Of course, we don’t want your personal information; you should keep specific details private. But in general terms, what about your financial situation would make you the most deserving?

OR, do you have a big heart? Do you have the perfect charity or noble cause that you think needs a “leg up” from the money won from the PCH SuperPrize? You could explain what your cause is and why it is the most worthy, most deserving…and why YOU should be the one who would make the most amazing donation EVER!

Personally, I’d love to hear about some creative ideas for what you’d build or buy with a SuperPrize. Do you have an idea so cool that everyone would agree that you should get the money so you can see it through? Maybe a tree house that you can actually live in! Or a solid gold sports car? Or how about building a mansion for you and all your relatives to live in as one big happy family?

I bet you could come up with more than a few reasons as to why you’d be deserving! Why don’t you post in the comments below why YOU should become the next SuperPrize winner! Pick from any of the categories I mentioned above, or feel free to make up your own! Whether your reason is the most creative, most heart felt, or most logical, I want to read it!

Hope to hear from you!

Matt K.
PCH Creative

P.S. And remember if you want the chance to actually BECOME the next SuperPrize winner, you have to enter!

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