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PCHRewards Loyalty Program: How Can YOU Elevate Your Status?

Hey Blog Readers,

Have you been taking advantage of everything the new PCHRewards Loyalty Program has to offer?  I sure hope you have, but if not, here’s a quick recap on what it’s all about from my favorite female Prize Patroller, Danielle Lam!


As you know, the rewards grow every time you elevate your status in the PCHRewards Loyalty Program…but how can YOU go about doing that?  The answer, my friend, is to MAXIMIZE your Tokens! So today, just for blog readers like you, I’m going to list three easy things that other people may not be doing to pump up your All-Time Token Totals — so you can get even closer to elevating your PCHRewards Loyalty Program status!


#1:  Watch Winning Moments!

PCH Rewards Loyalty Program

Other people may not visit the Winners Page very often on because they don’t think there are ways to play there, but you can earn Tokens just for watching videos so go check it out!

#2:  Take Surveys!

PCH Surveys

Others may not know it by the name, but the new Surveys Tab on is filled with ways to score Tokens every day and increase your All-Time Token Totals!  Don’t miss out!

#3:  Enjoy Articles!

PCH Frontpage

Others may think that reading the news is “boring”, but the BIG NEWS is that if you haven’t checked out the NEW PCHFrontpage yet … you’re missing out!  Every article you enjoy lets you claim Tokens at the bottom of the page.  Plus, enjoy 4 articles and you’ll get Bonus Game Cards that could score you big Tokens (or even some serious cash).

So, if you haven’t been earning Tokens at these three places, make sure you check them out — and keep on playing daily — so you can Elevate to the next PCHRewards Loyalty Program Status in no time!

Have Fun!

Laurel U.
PCH Creative

P.S. What’s your favorite way to score Tokens?  Let me know below!

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