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Stay Positive & Enter To Win $5,000 A Week “Forever”!

Stay positive

Hey blog readers,

As a new intern, I’m so excited that I was here to see Publishers Clearing House award its most recent Millionaire-Making SuperPrize — a One Million Dollar Prize to Boris Clinton of California! And now, it’s just as exciting to see that we’re getting ready for our next Special Early Look prize event — $5,000 A Week “Forever” on August 31st! Remember, a “Forever” prize winner would receive $5,000 a week for his/her life, plus after that, $5,000 a week for the life of someone they choose! 

With such a big, legacy-making prize event coming up, I wanted to come on the blog today and start a conversation with you fans about why it’s so important to stay motivated and keep on trying for your shot at a big win!

Whether it’s through, PCHSearch&Win, the PCH Play&Win App or one of our other fun ways to enter to win a SuperPrize, the opportunity to win never stops knocking here at PCH. And speaking of being hopeful… PCH Fans and Winners alike often have things they do to keep themselves motivated. So we would like to know, what do YOU do to stay positive and keep your eyes on the prize?

Grabbing a hold of your favorite book or magazine and other hobbies often works wonders and are great ways to keep you in a “winning” mindset so you can set your sights on the $5,000 A Week “Forever” Prize. Do you like spending time with family? Maybe break out the board games to get everyone together after dinner? Or maybe you take your dog to the park to play catch? I know an episode of my favorite TV show always gets me in a good mood again.

Some people like to write themselves positive messages… others like to think of inspirational and positive quotes. These little rituals can help keep you in the mindset of a winner and that’s the first step to keeping the prizes in sight. If others win, cheer them on and then get right back in there and enter for the next prize! And make sure to keep entering! There are always prizes you could win.

Remember, the next SuperPrize® Event is just around the corner, and you could win $5,000 A Week “Forever” in just weeks! So stay positive, enter every chance you get, and who knows… we could be delivering the Big Check to your door in no time!

Good Luck,

Keiran C.
PCH Creative Intern

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