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How Can You Enter to WIN “FOREVER” On August 31st?

Let me count the ways

With a huge $5,000 A Week “Forever” Prize authorized for award in our August 31st special early look prize event, we want you to know ALL the ways you can enter to win. Take a look at my checklist below …

All the ways to enter to win Forever

See? There are tons of easy, fast ways for you to activate an entry. And since any entry could end up making you a winner, it’s essential for you to enter every day and every way you can! Just look at what you could walk away with:

Special Early Look Forever Prize

So get busy and fire up an entry at today. Or log on to PCHSearch&Win and activate an entry with your first web search of the day.

Love our exciting game sites? Awesome! Enjoy fast-paced fun at PCHlotto, PCHSlots and PCHblackjack. You’ll have a great time going for instant-win prizes – while activating entries to win a $5,000 A Week “Forever” Prize next month!

Or visit our PCH Fan Page on Facebook to check out the news on our winners and Prize Patrol – and log in a Sweepstakes entry at the same time. Do the same thing when you head over to and watch exciting “winning moments” videos of our lucky winners.

See where I’m going with all this? Just follow the checklist I’ve prepared above – and take advantage of ALL the ways you can enter to win “Forever”!

We’ve had THREE $5,000 A Week “Forever” Prize Winners so far: John Wyllie, Michael Miller and Tamar Howard. Don’t you want the chance to become the FOURTH winner on August 31st?

Hope you take my advice … and do what it takes to make your OWN winning moment come true very soon!

All the best,
PCH Creative

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