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PCH Gives Back To Help Habitat for Humanity

Greetings, fans and friends,

You know what I love best about reading your blog comments? The fact that you are so generous and willing to help others!

And so when I heard that my fellow PCHers had volunteered for Habitat for Humanity on a scorching day in late July, I just had to share the love with all of you!

The Habitat for Humanity volunteer project was a huge success. Although it was one of the hottest days of the summer (98 degrees), the PCH team showed up in full force and ready to work at the Hempstead job-site (about 15 miles away from PCH headquarters).

Habitat for Humanity Volunteer Effort

PCH set a record, with sending the largest group of volunteers that they have ever had on site in one day, with 20 people on the build crew!  With such a large group, the PCH team was able to work on a number of different projects – ranging from insulation to siding to installing a cement walkway and leveling the ground to prep for putting in a new double driveway.  After a couple of hours in the hot sun, everyone was happy to see the world-famous PCH Prize Patrol van show up with the lunch crew who brought the drinks, lunch and dessert!

Habitat for Humanity PCH Volunteers

Seeing the Prize Patrol van generated a bit of excitement with the neighbors and one woman yelled, “I can’t believe Publishers Clearing House is in Hempstead!”  The team went back to work and was able to finish up the walkway and the insulation before calling it a day.

The team worked hard and they have the blisters to prove it!  But they also laughed a lot and left their mark on this house … in terms of the work accomplished and some subtle signs that PCH was a part of this wonderful venture (see the photo below).

PCH Volunteers at Habitat for Humanity

My colleague Sylvia W. was very enthusiastic about volunteering for Habitat for Humanity. Sylvia says, Habitat For Humanity is an amazing organization. I am so impressed by what they do, how they do it and who they are. The people were so nice and took the time to show you exactly how to do something and why. I was on the lunch crew and I was impressed that the food that wasn’t finished was then donated to a men’s shelter. They keep paying it forward. Beautiful!

PCHers are always ready, willing and able to help, whether it’s donating to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital® or other worthy causes like the North Shore Animal League America. I’ll never forget how thrilled I was to help deliver toys to sick and needy children during the holidays!

Helping makes everyone feel like a winner, doesn’t it? And at PCH it’s all about winning! Remember, our life-changing SuperPrize could become yours on August 31st. But you’ve got to be in it to win it, so enter now!

Debbie K.
PCH Creative

P.S. What charities would YOU help if you won a PCH prize? Comment below!

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