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How Well Do YOU Know Our Prize Patrol? Take the Quiz!

Prize Patrol Trivia

Sharpen your virtual pencils, guys!  Just for fun, we’re going to test your “Prize Patrol Trivia” with a little quiz.  Answer the following questions … then check your answers at the bottom of this blog.

Prize Patrol Trivia_1Prize Patrol Trivia_2Prize Patrol Trivia_3 Prize Patrol Trivia_4

Okay, time’s up!  Did you answer all four Prize Patrol Trivia questions?  Good! Now check your answers below …

Prize Patrol Trivia Answers

Did you “ace” our test?  I bet you did – you KNOW your Prize Patrol Trivia!

Could you do us a favor?  Could you please jot down your results in the “Comments” section below? We’d really appreciate it!

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Imagine: if you win next month,  you could ask the Publishers Clearing House Prize Patrol some of your own Trivia questions — in person!

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Sincerely, your Blog pal …

PCH Creative

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  1. Would like to see Dave, Todd, and Danielle in-person more than you could ever know. I really want the big check – drive to me in the van and bring the champagne. Prize patrol – looking forward to meeting you guys at my door, hillbillies.