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Watch Danielle Lam of The Prize Patrol Read & React To Your Fan Comments!

Hi blog readers!

I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again…we LOVE when fans like you comment on our blogs. And I promise, we DO take the time to read everything you have to say! In fact, I can prove it to you! You see, just recently, we picked out some of your funniest, most interesting, and sweetest comments, and showed them to everyone’s favorite Prize Patrol gal – Danielle Lam!

Her reactions were completely unrehearsed…100% un-staged…and a total must-see! Watch the video below now.


So what did you think? Do you agree that Todd looks like the dad from the TV show The Full House? Do you love Dave’s hair, too? Were you wondering some of those same things yourself? If so, let us know!

And if you’ve got any more questions or comments for Danielle, Todd or Dave, comment below and share them with us, too. Who knows, they might just wind up in our next video!

Amanda C.
PCH Creative

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