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Make Today A Play Day & Celebrate National Video Games Day with PCH

Today, Saturday, Sept. 12, America celebrates one its youngest, but most fun, holidays – National Video Games Day!

In just a few decades, video games have gone from a small fascination to become part and parcel of the American experience, with tens of millions of loyal fans. Here at Publishers Clearing House, we understand exactly what that’s like.

I still remember that day in March 1982 when my mom let me stay home from school so I could go to Woolworth’s and be one of the first to buy Pac Man™ for the Atari system we had at home. And I can’t possibly count the number of quarters I’ve pumped into arcade games over the years!

Publishers Clearing House already is the recognized leader in sweepstakes, not to mention our magazines and merchandise, and we’re also becoming famous for our amazing array of video games – all of which are 100% FREE.

National Video game day

That’s right! You can play every day in every way – desktop computer, mobile device, tablet, and via the Play&Win app for Android and iPhone. Even better – not only is every game FREE to play (no expensive game consoles or cartridges and no software to download) – but PCH’s video games could actually PAY YOU FOR PLAYING!!!

It’s true – PCH really does award CASH PRIZES every day! And we award millions of TOKENS every day that can be redeemed for chances to win CASH, gift cards, and other valuable prizes.

Start at the Token Games tab on the PCH home page and instantly you’ll have an arcade’s worth of great games at your fingertips. Play in one of our daily tournaments, try our arcade games, get matching with mahjongg, or dive deep for Sunken Treasures.

There’s always time to play one of our Minute Mania games, and every time you complete 10 games you’ll get a chance to win $500 with the Briefcase Bonus!

Briefcase Bonus

I would ask, “What’s not to love about playing free video games at PCH?” but we all know the answer is that it’s nearly impossible not to love playing free video games at PCH!

Come enjoy some of the love today and celebrate National Video Games Day with Publishers Clearing House. You’ll always be a winner in our eyes, but with our games you also could win some CASH!

Happy gaming!

Russell S.
PCH Creative

P.S. What’s your all-time favorite video game?

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