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The new $10,000 A Week For Life PCH TV Commercials Are Here!

Double The Cash Prize

Now that our October 23rd $1,000,000 prize has been awarded, Publishers Clearing House is excited to announce our next SuperPrize event! It’s one of our most exciting events yet – DOUBLE THE CASH – $10,000 A Week For Life! That’s right, we prepared to give away DOUBLE our standard $5,000 a Week For Life prize in our Special Early Look event this December!

Yes, YOU could become the next winner and receive $10,000 every single week for the rest of your life! Can you even imagine — being financially secure day-in and day-out for your whole life? You could save up your money, spend your money, or do a little bit of both! The possibilities would be truly endless.

So in true PCH fashion, to kick off our December 30th $10,000 A Week For Life prize event, we’re airing a new round PCH TV Commercials. Be sure to look out for the commercials while you’re watching television over the next few weeks, but you can also get a sneak peek of them right here!


So what do you think? Would you love to be featured in a commercial like this next?
One more thing…although most of you blog fans are true PCH believers, I know there are a few naysayers out there, so I wanted to make something very clear. I can tell you firsthand, that every winner in this commercial (and every PCH commercial ever made!) is 100% REAL! As you know, we always surprise our winners in person without any advance notice, and we do that so that we get fantastic and genuine winning reactions, like you see in these commercials! There are NO actors here, just real, true, happy winners!

So please, if you’re excited about the idea of winning DOUBLE THE CASH, enter now and every day you can!

Good luck!

Dillon H.
Promotion Development

P.S. Can YOU name the song that’s playing in the commercial? Write your answers in the comments below!

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