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I Would Wish For…

What would you wish for 

The wishbone. It was always my favorite part of any turkey dinner. I grew up with an older brother AND an older sister, and with only two sides to every wishbone, getting to be one of the lucky two to “fight for a wish” was a pretty big deal. No way I was going to let them win. I may be the youngest… and the smallest… but I SURE AM scrappy, and those wishes were going to be MINE!

OK, OK, perhaps it never got THAT serious, but I did take the wishbone battle seriously. I mean, why wouldn’t I? Wishing is just SO MUCH FUN. For a few moments, you get to dream up this life where you could have anything you want. A pony? Why not! The deluxe Barbie house PLUS Barbie’s matching red convertible? SURE! The entire collection of American Girl dolls with all their pretty outfits? GO FOR IT!

Of course, over the years my wishes became more sophisticated. You know, instead of wishing for Barbie’s dream house and convertible, I’m wishing for MINE! But the idea of wishing remains just as cool.

So blog readers, today I’m giving you a virtual wishbone. I know it’s not as fun as a real one, but please use your imagination! Pretend you’re on the other end of that slippery, greasy wishbone. It’s in your hands. You’ve got this!

What do YOU wish for?

Remember, it can be anything you want. Anything at all! But whatever it is, we want to hear about it! So please, please, PLEASE comment below and share your wishes with us.

And remember, the best place to make any of your wishes come true (FOR REAL!) is right here at Publishers Clearing House, “the house where dreams come true.” So once you’re done wishing, remember to ENTER, ENTER, ENTER! Because you’re never too old to dream!

Amanda C.
PCH Creative


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