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Meet Shirley: Her Small Prizes Are BIG Blessings!

Greetings, fans and friends,

Every month, I write a blog about PCH small prize winners, and fans like you enthusiastically reply with comments on your small but mighty wins.

One of these fans was Shirley R., who commented with a statement I thought was really nice …

“Small winnings but big blessings.”

Shirley explained her “winning streak” like this:

Small prizes

“I have won 3 small prizes already and still hoping for the big one soon. I won a $5 gift card playing Edward’s Hatch & Win game on Facebook, and about a week later I won another $5 gift card playing another PCH game on Facebook.”  These prizes were followed by another check for $10 from PCH!

A true PCH fan and friend, Shirley tells us, I have been with PCH since May of 2014 but never really got serious with it because of all the negative things that people say, like ‘it’s all a scam’ or ‘no one really wins’ or ‘ they are actors who get paid to say they’ve won’. UNTIL … one night as I was watching the local evening news, there was a segment that featured Tamar Howard as the winner of the PCH February 28, 2015 $5,000-a-Week ‘Forever’ Prize. I thought to myself, ‘Wow … I wish that were me’. I immediately got on my computer and started entering and have been entering every day since in every way I can.”

Shirley continues, “I didn’t know about the PCH Facebook page until I watched the winners’ videos on…. I used to enjoy playing Internet games then thought to myself, I can play PCH games and possibly win prizes or even cash … it doesn’t get any better than that!”

Shirley plays PCH games every moment she has some free time, and she cherishes her small prizes:

“You may think ‘yeah, small prizes … so what?’” explains Shirley, “Well, small prizes are big blessings for me. I won’t give up, sink, swim or drink the ocean dry … I am in it to win it! I hope to win the SuperPrize one day, as I sure would love to see my 6 kids whom I have not seen in years because they all live in Guam, Rota and Saipan, and especially meet my 3 grandkids for the first time. Thanks, PCH for allowing me the chance to dream big! God Bless you all and Good Luck, everyone!”

Thanks, Shirley, for your beautiful sentiments, and for being such an awesome fan!

Do YOU think small prizes are big blessings? Comment below and let us know! Who knows, you could end up becoming the next fan we feature! And thank you all for being such wonderful, dedicated, spirited fans!

Debbie K.
PCH Creative

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