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Real People Don’t Win from PCH, Do They? Of Course They Do!

If you think real people don’t win from PCH, think again! In this blog you’ll hear from tons of real fans who are proof-positive that people can (and do!) win at Publishers Clearing House!

Greetings, fans and friends,

“PCH is real!”

I read more and more comments like that from fans like you every time I write my monthly blog about folks who win smaller prizes from PCH! Whether you win $25 … $50 … $100 … or even a valuable gift card, you’ve let us know that small prizes are big blessings!

Real people win at PCH

“Real people do win PCH prizes,” says Joanne B. (pictured above), who’s been entering the PCH sweeps since 2002 and has been playing PCH online games regularly for 2 years. She says, “I went to my mailbox and found a check from PCH. I kept a copy of the check and the envelope it came in. Then, I was playing a game – I play all of them – and a ‘congratulations’ message came on the screen that I won $50.00. I kept a copy of that check and envelope, and email as well. I am in it to win it. I believe my turn will come. I truly have the faith that it will.”

“There are so many ways to enter for prizes and for the SuperPrize,” Joanne continues. “I won a $10 prize for being a Power Player. Of course, I have the PCH app on my phone and iPad, and therefore enter every chance I get. I search daily on PCHSearch&Win and on PCHfrontpage. One of my favorite apps is the Play & Win app. I make sure I play it from start to finish daily. I also enter on every day on my phone, iPad and PC. But I do enjoy those PCH games and racking up the tokens. I am getting very good at Tri-Peaks Solitaire and Sunken Treasures. I also play Lotto Blast day and night. I always say ‘I am in it to win it.’ So, the skeptics can say what they will, but how can we win if we don’t enter?”


Vanessa H. enters every way she can, including on PCH’s Fan Page on Facebook, PCHfrontpage, through our exciting emails, and more!

I enter every day,” says Vanessa. “I have for three years now. I won $10 but I’m going to win big one day! My mom used to enter, and I’m going to win for her. All the games are fun and free – you just can’t beat free.”


“Do real people win PCH prizes?” asks Michael R. “Absolutely! Because I am one of them!” Michael won a gift card from PCH with a $500 cash value, and tells me that he is truly grateful to this day that PCH is really real.

Michael also participated in a PCH Blog contest last year, in which he won an awesome Prize Patrol T-shirt, a Prize Patrol pen, and an autographed photo of Danielle Lam. Look! Here’s his name in the list of winners!

“I can say it is REAL! That is why I am still in it to win it. Thank you, PCH!” says Michael.


PCH Winner

Last, but certainly not least, is Regina G. (pictured above), who has won several gift cards and small cash prizes by searching on PCHfrontpage and from playing her PCH Superfan VIP scratch-off cards. Her latest win was $250 in November playing the Lucky Loot Wheel on the PCH Facebook fan page.

“Yes, everyone, Publishers Clearing House is for real,” Regina wants you all to know. Her advice: “Please play, and have fun while doing it! I play religiously every day from my mobile phone and desktop, to maximize my chances of winning. I also play PCH Blackjack at on my mobile device every day because it gives me up to 10 Jackpot entries each and every day. I just love that!”

As a matter of fact, Regina has 3 Publishers Clearing House apps downloaded on her mobile device – as she says, “for more chances to win BIG” – the PCH App, the Play&Win app, and the PCHfrontpage app!

“I do believe that I’ll win BIG someday,” Regina adds. “I have faith.”


WOW! I love hearing these wonderful winning stories from our fans. And, I especially enjoy reading about how many ways in which they enter to win! Our fans are so dedicated! You all rock!

So, if you ever find yourself thinking, “Real people don’t win from PCH,” just take a look at this blog post, and the ones below. Because real people do win from PCH – and you could be next!!!

Stay in it to win it,

Debbie K.
PCH Creative

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