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The “Forever” Prize Is Back – and It’s Guaranteed To Be Awarded!

One of our favorite prizes to give away at Publishers Clearing House is the “Forever” Prize, because it can truly alter the course of a winner’s life…FOREVER!

What IS the “Forever” prize? It’s a prize that pays $5,000 A Week for a winner’s life…and then after THAT, $5,000 A Week for Life to a beneficiary of the winner’s choosing! So really, it’s a gift for TWO generations! Can you imagine what a prize like this could do for your own family legacy? One thing is for sure – it could be the BIGGEST thing that’s ever happened to you!

That’s why I couldn’t be happier to announce that we will DEFINITELY be awarding this prize this February! Yes, Giveaway #4900 is ending, and the “Forever” Prize is GUARANTEED to be awarded.

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We don’t want you to miss this opportunity and encourage you to enter every chance you get. Again, it could be the BIGGEST thing that’s ever happened to you!

Don’t believe us? Just ask our past “Forever” Prize winners – there’s been Michael Miller of Illinois, John Wyllie of Oregon, and most recently Tamar Howard of Alabama!

Each of these winners have told us that winning “Forever” changed their lives in BIG ways! Both Michael and John had “dream” purchases in their plans (Michael buying a new car, John buying his father a house), but it is Tamar Howard and her children that we want to focus on today. We think you’ll agree that her plans will affect her family for generations!

Forever Prize Winners Family


In fact, recently we flew Tamar and her family to our PCH Headquarters to ask her about how the winning experience has changed her life.

The first thing that Tamar brought up was her daughters.

“Yeah, the biggest reason I entered was for my girls…so they can be taken care of. I entered every day! I would do anything for my girls. Now it’s for sure that all of my girls are going to college.”

Forever Prize winner Tamar and Prize Patrol


Incredible! Because of Tamar’s perseverance, her daughters WILL be taken care of after she’s gone — she even named one of them her beneficiary!

Tamar’s declaration that her girls can go to college is also inspiring. In fact, Tamar is a nursing student…and she continued to go to classes even after she won! Her classmates asked her why she was bothering to attend now, but that just shows you the dedication that Tamar has in her life!

Not only did we ask Tamar a few questions, but her daughters also wanted to say a few words about how great their mother is:

“I want to thank my mom for never giving up,” one said. With a prize like this, it’s hard not to be truly grateful!

“My mom showed us that dreams do come true!,” said the next, and it’s a good reminder for those of us who like to wish for true life change!

“She’s an awesome mom,” quickly added her third daughter, and she didn’t get any arguments!

Forever Prize winner


Tamar’s life has truly changed in major ways since winning the “Forever” prize! Let’s recap:

  • With one of her daughters as a beneficiary, she knows the money will keep coming after she’s gone.
  • She can immediately start saving for her girls’ college, knowing they’ll be able to go on to higher education just like her!
  • And we’ve been saving this one – she’s going to build a new house!

Yes, it’s true! When we spoke to Tamar, she also mentioned they’re looking at available plots of land to build a BRAND NEW house!  Can you imagine living in a home that is built just the way you want it?  Well Tamar can!

The Publishers Clearing House “Forever” Prize is truly a game changer…in the best ways possible! It lets you think of ways to change your life for the better…for you right now, but also for your loved ones after you’re gone.

So enter today …and maybe you’ll become our FOURTH “Forever” Prize winner this February!

Matt K.
PCH Creative

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