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Want to Win “Forever”? Enter To Win Every Day!

Greetings, fans and friends,

Did you hear the terrific news?

In just a few weeks, we’ll be awarding our truly awesome “Forever” Prize — $5,000 a week for a winner’s life, and after that, $5,000 a week for the life of someone a winner chooses!

Yes, you read that right – our “Forever” prize is guaranteed to be awarded in just a few weeks – on February 26th! I’ll say it again … GUARANTEED!

One year ago, Tamar Howard won “Forever” – and we are going to award $5,000 A Week “Forever” AGAIN this year, this February!

Earlier this week, we told you about Tamar and how she always believed she was going to win. “I entered because I knew if I didn’t enter, I wouldn’t win,” she said. But don’t take my word for it! Listen for yourself!


Tamar believed she would win because, as she tells us, “I wanted to win that bad.”



And to all those who think that PCH is fake, Tamar has some words of advice – take a listen:


“The biggest reason I entered was for my girls … so they could be taken care of,” Tamar explains. “I entered every day. I would do anything for my girls.”


OK, so I know what you’re wondering … “How could I, (insert your name here), win a life-changing PCH SuperPrize like Tamar did?”

To maximize your chances of winning the PCH SuperPrize, enter every day in every way!

Here’s the 411: you can enter once per day on each PCH property. For instance, you could start with PCHSearch&Win … then head over to PCHlotto or even the PCH Fan Page on Facebook. Don’t forget about and PCHgames, too. Have you downloaded PCH’s apps? We’ve got a whole bunch of ‘em, including some cool new apps – visit the App Store® or the Google Play Store and download them all today!

Remember, friends, our “Forever” Prize is guaranteed to be awarded on February 26th! So, if you want to win “Forever,” take a tip from Tamar Howard, and enter … enter … enter!!!

Who knows? Our next SuperPrize winner could be YOU!

Good Luck!

Debbie K.
PCH Creative

P.S. Some of you have asked us what will happen if you miss a day of entering. Will it affect all the previous entries you had? The answer is no, of course not! And while we’d love for you to enter every single day to maximize your chances of winning, if you miss a day, don’t worry! 🙂

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