How Do PCH SuperPrize Numbers Work?

What is a SuperPrize Number

Whats A PCH SuperPrize Number?How Do PCH SuperPrize Numbers Work? You may have received a notice from PCH referring to a SuperPrize number, but are wondering what it is. If you’re unsure, I’m happy to help you brush-up on your PCH know-how.

Simply put, a SuperPrize number is a unique 12-digit number that is assigned to each entry. Each SuperPrize number is unique to an individual and an entry from a specific promotion within a particular Giveaway.

If you receive mailings or emails from PCH, you will receive a new SuperPrize number in each one and all you have to do is submit a timely entry to claim it. You’ll also be assigned a new SuperPrize number for each and every timely entry you submit at any Publishers Clearing House website or mobile app. For example, if you claim a SuperPrize entry at in the morning and then later log in to PCHFrontpage and search to claim a chance to win, two unique SuperPrize numbers will be assigned to you over the course of that day. Likewise, submit a SuperPrize entry at the PCH App, and you’d be assigned an additional SuperPrize number. We encourage you to claim as many SuperPrize numbers as you can, because each SuperPrize number represents a new chance to WIN.

It’s important to note, you don’t have to DO anything but enter – SuperPrize numbers are generated automatically. Although not all of our PCH notices expressly mention SuperPrize numbers, and you may not even see your SuperPrize number in your notice, if you claim a valid entry for a Publishers Clearing House SuperPrize, you will be assigned a PCH SuperPrize number. That’s a fact!

SuperPrize Number

After SuperPrize numbers are assigned, all the pertinent information is securely stored within our PCH Databases in our headquarters in Port Washington, New York. Then, at the end of a giveaway period, a winning number is randomly selected. After that, PCH officials begin the process of checking SuperPrize numbers stored in our PCH databases for a matching winning number.

This is where it gets really exciting! If the winning number selected matches a SuperPrize number that was assigned to you, you will be named the next PCH Millionaire! Of course, there aren’t too many things in life as exciting as that!

I hope this blog post answered questions you might have about How PCH SuperPrize Numbers Work.  Feel free to post similar questions in the comments section below. Who knows? You might see your question as the topic of a future blog post, because our fans are important to us!

Keep claiming those SuperPrize numbers!


Elaina R.
PCH Online Creative

P.S. Unlike the state lotteries, here at Publishers Clearing House, you never need to personally keep track of your own SuperPrize numbers; we do the work for you! It couldn’t be any easier!

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  1. Hay I’m meranda ballot and I’d like to came the winning number 8779 61304310 on pch 7.000.00 a week. For life in anchorage alaska

  2. Also I.have a ticket to win a little life Time prize. So I have a ticket to Ride.hee hee I hope it is true.
    Terri Torres Vandergrift PA. Thank you Terri.

  3. I want to become sole owner of the fourth coming prize.gwy # 13000 14,000.00 a week for life life… Please activate… AR …

    1. I want to claim sole ownership of PCH. GWY.13000+8800. The first is the Life Time prize 7,000.a week for life. 8800 Is Turn Back Time 5,000a week for life. Gwy.13000 to be delivered 4/26/19. If I win I will a want to give half to Prize Patrol. You have a friend in PA. Welcome the Prize Patrol to my home. Make so many people happy. Thank you Terri Torres

    1. Hi Ruby, we are sorry, but Customer Service does not have access to that file. Once your entry is transmitted to PCH Headquarters, it will assign a SuperPrize Number. All entries and Super Prize numbers are kept on file at PCH Headquarters – on a secured site – until Giveaway end, at which point our automated computer systems determine if the winning number was returned. For security purposes and to prevent the possibility of fraudulent online claims, Publishers Clearing House does not in the ordinary course divulge the information. For more information, check out this link here: Have a wonderful day!