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A Final Call For Giveaway Number 4900!


As the well-known saying goes, all good things must come to an end. Right now we’re getting ready to say goodbye to Publishers Clearing House Giveaway Number 4900. Yes, PCH Giveaway 4900 will end soon, with a $5,000 A Week “Forever” Prize definitely being awarded on February 26th!  We don’t want any of our friends to miss out on chances to win, so we’re putting out a Final Call for Giveaway Number 4900. Hurry, there are just four days left to claim entries at your favorite PCH online sites to become a HUGE PCH winner in just days!

That’s right, next week the PCH Prize Patrol will pack their bags and head somewhere in the USA to find the final winner from PCH Giveaway Number 4900. What a happy day it will be for the winner, and for their family, too! As you might recall, the “Forever” Prize is the PCH Prize that allows our winner to leave a legacy to future generations. You see, a winner receives $5,000 a week for their life, and then after that, those payments continue on to someone special the winner selects.


With the next Prize award from Giveaway Number 4900 just around the corner, lets take a look back at the other winners from PCH Giveaway Number 4900:

Laurie A. of Farmington, NM won a SuperPrize in December 2015.

Desiree S. of Irving, TX won a SuperPrize in October 2015.

Robb G. of Lakewood, CO won a SuperPrize in August 2015

Boris C. of Oceanside, CA won a SuperPrize in June 2015

Mark J. of Dolgeville, NY won a SuperPrize in April 2015

Brian W. of Lexington, SC won a SuperPrize in November 2014.

Wow! Publishers Clearing House Giveaway Number 4900 has made 6 new PCH Millionaires so far, with just one more to go until lucky number 7! No one knows who our next winner will be – and it could even be you!  There are just four days left to enter to win $5,000 A Week “Forever” and become the final winner from PCH Giveaway 4900.

Friends, I am sure you’ll agree that PCH Giveaway 4900 it hasn’t just been GOOD – it’s been GREAT! As we put out a final call for PCH Giveaway Number 4900, we’re preparing to say hello to PCH Giveaway 6900. You can bet Giveaway Number 6900 will be just as exciting with lots more HUGE PCH winners yet to come!

I can’t wait to find out who next week’s winner is! Good luck!

Elaina R.
PCH Online Creative

P.S.  Remember, the last day to enter online to win $5,000 A Week “Forever” from Giveaway Number 4900 is February 19th! That leaves just four days left to enter. Make the most if it and visit all your favorite PCH websites to get as many entries as you can!

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