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If you win $7,000 A Week For Life, How Will YOU Celebrate?

With our Special Early Look Event right around the corner, someone could win $7,000 A Week For Life VERY SOON! 

Imagine this…

It’s Friday, April 29th. You wake up – fix yourself a cup of coffee, tidy up the house, and sit around patiently waiting for the possibility of the PCH Prize Patrol pulling up in the van and knocking on your door! You might have some doubts, but there’s still some hope inside of you. Time keeps passing and you say to yourself somberly, “Maybe I’m just not today’s winner.” Next thing you know… you hear breaks screeching right in front of your house, you hear shoes clicking up your walkway, and your hear your doorbell ring.

Could it be? Could it really be the Prize Patrol at your front door ready to award you with $7,000 A Week For Life?!

You open the door and you see Danielle, Dave, Todd and Howie wearing big smiles and their classic Prize Patrol attire, holding a PCH Big Check with your name on it!!!


Win $7,000 A Week For Life

Now – what I really want to know is, how in the world would you celebrate if the above scenario happens to YOU!? Would you jump and scream for joy? Would you stand there speechless? Would you hug and kiss the Prize Patrol? AND what about celebrating after the Prize Patrol leaves and you suddenly have $7,000 A Week For Life? Would you take your family and friends out to dinner? Would you book a nice vacation? The possibilities really would be endless. But PLEASE, COMMENT BELOW and let us know what YOU would do if you won $7,000 A Week For Life on April 29th!

And Don’t forget – there’s only a few days left to enter, so get in as many entries now while you still can! You never know – YOU could win $7,000 A Week For Life on April 29th.

Good luck to all of you!

Dillon H.
Promotion Development

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