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SuperPrize Award Gives Iowa Woman The Surprise of Her Life!

Jane Bjork

Hi everyone, it’s Danielle Lam of the Prize Patrol!  The April 29th SuperPrize award was one I couldn’t wait to deliver for a few reasons. First, it was the FIRST special early look drawing of giveaway #6900. Second, the trip fell right on my birthday (what better way to celebrate than to make someone’s dreams come true?) And last but not least…we were making PCH history by live streaming the winning moment on Facebook. I just had a feeling this award was going to be a good one – and wow was I was right!

Jane Bjork with Prize Patrol

Jane Bjork, an Urbandale, Iowa resident, opened her apartment door and saw a sight she had dreamed about for a long time – the Prize Patrol with balloons, flowers, champagne, and of course a “big check” with her name on it!  Immediately, Jane screamed “praise God…I have been praying for this for a long time and tearfully continued to say so many things I’m sure so many PCH fans can relate to…

“I’m so excited I can’t even tell you!”
“I’ve been entering since 1977
“Sometimes all it takes is faith”
“I’m going to pay my bills…give to my church and my daughter”
“Never give up because it can happen to you!”


This surprise cash windfall came just in time (a theme I’ve found with big PCH winners). Just last week she applied for assistance to pay her bills and she wasn’t able to make her car payments. Now, thanks to her SuperPrize award she can live debt free and stress free!

Jane is spending the days following her big PCH win celebrating with her daughter and 2 grandchildren who live nearby. She told us she plans on using the money to pay off her debt, help her family financially, and can now afford a trip to Texas to visit her sister who she hasn’t seen in over a year!

Local news was also thrilled to be there to experience Jane’s spectacular PCH winning moment!

Jane has been entering the PCH Sweepstakes for over 40 years and is a PCH VIP! She wanted to share this advice with our fans: “Don’t give up and keep the faith!  Jane entered almost every day, multiple times a day…and it paid off with a huge SuperPrize award!  So take Jane’s lead and enter as much as you can. You never know, you could become the NEXT big winner.

Danielle Lam
PCH Prize Patrol Elite

P.S. I need your feedback! Did you like the LIVE streaming on Facebook that we did?  Let us know below!

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