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Big Sweepstakes And New Sweepstakes To Enter At PCH!

Hello, friends! It’s no secret that PCH is best-known for the BIG Sweepstakes we all know and love! Yes, there’s always a Huge SuperPrize opportunity to be a part of! But, that’s just the tip of the iceberg! We have NEW sweepstakes and even MORE sweepstakes at PCH!

Enter The Big Sweepstakes At PCH!

Right now our Big Sweepstakes opportunity is the “Win It All” Prize! You can visit, PCHSearch&Win and our other online sites to enter to “Win It All” on June 30th – that’s $2 Million upfront, $10,000 a month for life AND a new car! Yes you could really “Win It All” — talk about a dream coming true!

Big Sweepstakes Win It All

Enter The New PowerPrize Sweepstakes At PCHlotto!

The PCH PowerPrize at PCHlotto is the newest major prize to enter the scene here at PCH. It’s a Multi-Million dollar jackpot that grows and grows! Enter the weekly PowerPrize Jackpot for FREE every day at PCHlotto. Pick your 8 numbers, plus your Power Number for your chance to win! (Or you can select the quick pick option.) There’s a new drawing every Wednesday night! If there’s no matching winning number, the jackpot will go up!

Enter For New Sweepstakes At PCH

Enter More Sweepstakes At PCH!

There is no denying that winning the “Win It All” SuperPrize and the PCH PowerPrize could change your life in unimaginable ways! But, there are even more sweepstakes at, like:

Million Dollar Money Booth

Win $500,000 Toward Your Dream Home

$35,000 Kitchen Cash-In

Check out the Sweepstakes tab at for even more incredible sweeptakes!

Enter For More Sweepstakes

Big Sweepstakes! New Sweepstakes! More Sweepstakes! That’s what’s happening here at Publishers Clearing House! Plus, there are great instant-win opportunities at our sites, too, like PCHSearch&Win and the Instant Win Tab at In fact there’s a Winner Every 5 Minutes with in the PCH network, that’s about 300 prizes awarded daily!

Go ahead and enter them all, big and small! One thing we’ve heard from our past winners is that persistence can really pay off! Enter every day and don’t give up! Winning really could happen to you!

Good luck,

Elaina R.
PCH Online Creative

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