Meet Cathy Flint, A PCH VIP Elite Winner Who Doubled Her Prize!

Hi everyone, it’s Danielle Lam of the PCH Prize Patrol Elite team. As you would imagine, the Prize Patrol is always extremely excited to surprise our winners. Winners who, more often than not, enter the PCH sweepstakes daily in hopes of hitting it big. This particular winner was especially exciting for us because Cathy Flint is a PCH VIP Elite (a group formerly known as Power Players). Thanks to her loyal Sweepstakes participation, she actually DOUBLED her prize! That’s right, she DOUBLED her PCHlotto prize from $20,000 to $40,000!

We had arrived at Cathy’s home in Laramie, WY just to find our excited knocks unanswered. But, thanks to some nifty detective work of the Prize Patrol, we quickly got a lead as to where she was working…and off we went!  Luckily, that lead was right, and we found Cathy less than 15 minutes later. .

Since Cathy was a PCH VIP Elite (a VIP in at least 3 PCH programs), she had dreamt of that surprise winning moment many times before, and her excitement was infectious!!  Oh my gosh! I enter religiously every day! were some of the first words out of her mouth when we revealed the TWO big checks for $20,000 each! And, in true PCH VIP Elite fashion, she even said she would continue to enter the sweepstakes every single day!  She plans on using the money to pay off bills and go on a river cruise with her family!

Watch Cathy’s exciting winning moment now:


Cathy even gave some advice to PCH fans out there who enter all the time, but haven’t won big yet. She said Keep doing it, religiously, keep doing it! We think that’s great advice, Cathy!  Enter the Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes every chance you get like Cathy, and YOU could become a PCH winner too!

Congratulations Cathy, and the best of luck to everyone!

Danielle Lam
PCH Prize Patrol Elite

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  1. I Antonia Parham Solely And Righful Owner, I Search At PCHSearch&Win From PCHFrontpage To Receive 2x entries to Wi a Brand New Ford Mustang Convertible ( vale’s At $45,495.00) and I’m going to K:E:E:P my searching in a HIGH gear to K:E:E:P My VIP ELite Rewards and to continue to race in . My Assigned Lifetime Unique Valid SuperPrize Numbers Will also Be Fully eligible and I’m a PCH SuperFan and ELite User And eligible to Win $20,000.00 And to D:O:U:B:L:E My winning to $40,000.00 on October 26th.
    Thank You 🙏😊🤑🍀❤️

    P:O:W:E:R. OF. P:O:S:I:T:I:V:E. Thinking

    I’m. I:N. I:T. T:O. W:I:N. I:T. A:L:L

  2. I just want to Thank You for all the Fun and Enjoyment I have received learning about PCH!!! I am always hoping to find you during my journey thru the different departments!! When I do find you, I feel so excited and you just make my day!!! Thank You!! I really do hope we can Celebrate Soon!!!

  3. Hello prizepatrpri, I’ve been playing for months religiously everyday and I have to say I haven’t even won a dollar yet but I believe that’s because you are waiting for the right day August 3, 2018 so you can deliver the news and check all at the same time. I’m going to use some of my money to help the homeless in this area and for some more treatment halfway Houses in the area for thise in transition back into sober living. Then I’m going to make up for so many missed Christmas and birthday presents for my adult children and my grandcggrandc as well as other extended faamil members.
    Thank you and I just know I will be seeing you all soon.
    Luana Ayers

  4. Hello prize patrol team. You’re coming to my home June 29th, 2918 RIGHT? I would like to win it all and have a chance to helping my burned out community with so of their needs. Lake Isabella is a great place to live and I would love nothing more than to stay here the rest of my life.
    With your help that is more than a possibility. Pease be sure to visit me June 29th, 2018. I will be waiting with the biggest smile you have ever seen. Thank you. Arlene J. Could you activate my 2x elite entries for win it all?