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How To Avoid Sweepstakes Scams!

For decades, the Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes has been synonymous with winning. After all, we award BIG prizes and make dreams come true like no one else. Unfortunately, there are scammers out there who use the allure of a sweepstakes to try to swindle innocent people and line their own pockets. Because PCH is a reputable sweepstakes company, scammers have been known to try to impersonate us and take advantage of our good name. This is completely unacceptable! That’s why PCH partners with law enforcement and spends a lot of time on social media to help educate fans on how to avoid sweepstakes scams!

Avoid Sweepstakes Scams

While scammers might go to great lengths to seem legitimate, there are some foolproof ways to spot a scam every time. The biggest warning sign of a sweepstakes scam is if payment of any kind is requested. While that might seem obvious, scammers have no shortage of ways to spin their lies.

You know the old adage about death and taxes? If you are lucky enough to win a Publishers Clearing House SuperPrize, of course you will need to pay taxes on your prize. But, that is between you, your accountant and Uncle Sam. A legitimate sweepstakes company, like PCH, will NEVER ask winners for money to cover taxes on a prize. If someone tells you you’ve won a sweepstakes, but need to give them money for taxes before you can collect your winnings, you have been contacted by a scammer.

Processing and handling fees are a part of life, right? Not if you’re talking about the Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes. Scammers might tell you that you’ve won a big prize, but in order to collect it, you must first wire money for processing fees. (Or put money on a Green Dot Money Card, or other cash card.) If that happens, DON’T DO IT! Publishers Clearing House, and all legitimate sweepstakes, are absolutely free to win, with no processing fees required!

Additionally, scammers often try to get personal information from victims that they can use for their own gain. NEVER give out personal information like your bank account numbers, credit card numbers, or even your drivers license number to someone you don’t know. If you have more questions on how to avoid Sweepstakes scams, check the links below. We have lots of other blog posts on this important topic! If you think you’ve been contacted by a scammer, please fill out a Scam Incident Report.

Stay safe, friends!

Elaina R.
PCH Creative

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  1. I was texted recently that I won a mega Bonus randomly, that I need to contact the Agent provided by the sender. I was asked to pay the clearance fee $200 . And I did my research about the PCH policy. Now I know I’ve been contacting by a scammer. Thanks God for guiding me.