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Who Will Win at PCH Today? Follow These Clues!

Greetings, fans and friends,

Who will win at PCH today? Who will win the Publishers Clearing House SuperPrize?

As I’m pretty sure most of you know, today, August 31, 2016, is Prize Day, and that means one lucky winner will be announced as our newest SuperPrize winner. And if you entered the PCH Sweeps, we could absolutely say that the winner is YOU.

Who Will Win

If you’re hoping to see the Prize Patrol at your front door today, then be sure to follow us all throughout the day for clues as to where they’re headed and who the lucky Million Dollar winner will be. By the end of the day we’ll post the exciting winning announcement as we make someone super-happy and super-rich!

So, who will win at PCH today? Here are today’s clues!

***12:00 AM – FIRST CLUE***
At least one US President was born in this state.

***9:00 AM – NEXT CLUE***
This state has two NFL football teams.

***9:15 AM – NEXT CLUE***
This state’s flag has more than one animal on it.

***9:45 AM – NEXT CLUE***
This state produces more mushrooms than any other.

***10:00 AM – UPDATE***
Exciting news! The Prize Patrol is in West Chester, PA! They went to the winner’s home, but she’s at work. As you know, the Prize Patrol always gets the job done and is heading to her place of work RIGHT NOW to surprise her with $1,000,000!

Congratulations to MRS. DIANE JEHANIAN of WEST CHESTER, PENNSYLVANIA. After tracking Diane down at her place of work, the Prize Patrol was finally able to award her with a whopping $1 MILLION! Diane couldn’t believe her eyes and ears that she was the lucky winner of a PCH SuperPrize! We’re so happy for Diane and her family.

Diane Greg Prize Patrol

WOW! Another happy PCH SuperPrize winner! Hey, don’t forget to check out our PCH Prize Patrol Fan Page on Facebook where LIVE winner footage is posted!

You can also check out the winning moment right here! ENJOY!



Debbie K.
PCH Creative

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  1. Congratulations! How did you do it? I’m playing and praying every day and I still haven’t won yet, but I’m not going to give up yet! The day I give up will be the day I win see you all on the winner list. Good luck everyone!