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What Would You Do If You Became SET FOR LIFE?


Really, what would YOU do with $7,000 checks paid every single week of your life?  As a PCH employee, I cannot enter to win the October 21st Special Early Look “Set For Life” Prize Event, so I’m really curious about what my blog friends like you would do with this lifetime fortune!

Would you head to the realtor’s office and shop for a new house?

With a $7,000 “weekly income” — $364,000 a year! — a “Set For Life” winner would have NO problem with closing on a gorgeous dream home for the entire family!

Or maybe you’d drive to the luxury car dealership to pick out the ultimate “dream machine”

You would totally deserve it  — and with a $7,000 A Week For Life fortune, there’d be NO skimping on the luxurious options!  

Would you visit a travel agent to book an amazing First Class vacation?

Caribbean cruises, European tours, private island getaways — our Set For Life lifetime prize would send the winner to every destination he or she ever dreamed of!

Or maybe you’d quit your job … pay off all your bills … and finally help the people you really care about.

A $7,000 A Week For Life lifetime prize would free you from the daily grind of work and money worries — and you’d be able to bring smiles to the faces of your kids, grandkids, spouse and friends. There’d be plenty of money left over to contribute to your church or favorite charity, too! 

Of course, with our Special Early Look Prize Events, sometimes the matching winning number might not be returned on time.
Then a second chance drawing will be held and we will award a guaranteed $1,000.000 Prize on October 21st instead.  (Talk about making dreams come true!)

Getting back to my first question: What would YOU do if you became Set For Life with $7,000.00 A Week For Life?  Please, tell us all by jotting your answer down in the “Comments” section below.

But remember: to become Set For Life on October 21st, you’ve got to enter every way and every day you can, because any entry might connect you to a lifetime fortune that would change your life forever!

We’re waiting to hear from you …

Your PCH pal,

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  1. No I would find someone to help me pay taxes and bills and then a trust fund for my daughter and my 8 grand kids and donate to St. Jude’s hospital for children’s cancer and animal shelters in my town then a car for my daughter my house for my grand kids and maybe a vacation.