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Will PCH Contact Me Via Social Media If I Win A Prize?

We love to see the look of surprise on the faces of our major prize winners!  We award our winners just like you’ve seen on TV.  However, we never notify major prize winners via social media!

Some things are so important that they bear repeating – Publishers Clearing House will never contact a major prize winner via social media.


Some people say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, but we believe quite the opposite when it comes to unscrupulous scammers trying to defraud our faithful fans and friends.

As a member of the Creative group, I can personally vouch for the tremendous amount of work that goes into creating PCH’s mail packages, emails, giveaways, games, apps, and more.  Unfortunately, scammers are doing their best to mimic our materials, and make every effort to take advantage of our fans through the relative anonymity of the Internet.

While we continue to work with law enforcement agencies to root out scammers and put an end to their criminal ways, there are a few things you can do to help keep yourself safe; specifically,

  • Never accept a Facebook friend request from Publishers Clearing House. If you get a friend request – even if it looks like it’s coming directly from the Prize Patrol – beware – it’s a scam!
  • Don’t engage in Twitter or Instagram conversations with people pretending to be from PCH. We will never contact you this way.
  • Never respond to a note claiming that you’ve won a prize but in order to claim it – you must send payment of some type. Every PCH giveaway is free to enter and win.  We never ask for payment of any kind to claim a prize!
  • Always make sure you’re on the real PCH Fan Page on Facebook. It’s the only one with the blue checkmark.
The real Facebook page is on top, with the blue checkmark. The rest are scammers.

After years of entering PCH giveaways, wouldn’t it be absolutely thrilling to get a personal email from one of the Prize Patrol members informing you that you’ve won big? The Prize Patrol would never contact you directly through any social media outlets.  So, the email did NOT come from the real PCH Prize Patrol!  The email came from a scammer who hopes to take advantage of you through deception.  At PCH we work extremely hard to prevent such contacts!

There you have it, friends. We’ll remain ever vigilant in our efforts to protect you from scammers.  Remember, PCH never notifies major prize winners by Social Media!  Our major prize winners are surprised just as you see on TV… the PCH Prize Patrol arrives unannounced with flowers, balloons and the big winning check!

All the best,

Russell S.
PCH Creative

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    1. Hi R.! Please report all contacts from scammers to PCH via this link: PCH does partner with the Federal Trade Commission and we send all scam reports to them so please make sure you let us know anytime a scammer contacts you. Remember, the real PCH never notifies major prize winners via phone, standard mail, email, or social media, and we never ask winners to pay to claim their prize. You can see more Safety Tips here: Please be careful everyone; don’t become a scammer’s victim.

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