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How Long Have You Been “Playing” Publishers Clearing House?

Have you been working hard toward reaching a goal? Does it feel like it’s been taking a long time? We all have dreams and goals, but the only way we’ll see them through to the end is if we stick with them for as long as it takes. The important thing is that you never give up and always keep your eye on the prize!

This attitude really comes in handy when it comes to “playing” Publishers Clearing House (that is, entering our sweepstakes)!  I think back to recent winner Jane Bjork, who had been entering Publishers Clearing House since 1977. What’s funny is that even though Jane had been entering for years, there were times when she felt that she was never going to win. But she kept on entering, hoping that some day her luck would change. And it did!


What’s important is that we don’t get overwhelmed with the scope of the task and that we keep focused on the end prize. If all Jane Bjork thought about was how often she entered, she might have been tempted to give up! She says, “Just keep doing it and hope for the best! Just have faith that somewhere, some day…it’ll work out! That’s what I did!”

How long have you been playing Publishers Clearing House — for as long as Jane, or just for a little while? The winner selection at Publishers Clearing House is completely random, so everyone has an equal chance of winning, no matter how long they’ve been entering! Just look at recent winner Desiree Scudder! She’s young enough to want to build a video game room with her $1 Million prize!

So don’t forget, consistency is key! You want to make the most of every possible winning opportunity that PCH sends your way! The famous comedian Jerry Seinfeld is well known in self-motivation circles for what they call the “Seinfeld Method.” When he was just starting out, Jerry would get a calendar and put an “X” on every day that he wrote a good joke. His goal was to put an “X” on as many consecutive days as possible. He would start to see “chains” of X’s, and that would give him the motivation to make sure he kept the daily productivity streak going!

Are you able to keep your entry routine a daily one? Whether you’re able to enter each and every day or only when you get the chance, we want to know how long you’ve been entering for! Please make a point of going to the comment section below and telling us how long you’ve been playing Publishers Clearing House. And remember, you never know if your PCH luck will change!

Matt K.
PCH Creative

P.S.  So tell us … how long have you been playing Publishers Clearing House? And how did you get started? Tell us in the comments below!

P.P.S. – Head on over to the Play&Win Blog to see the list of people who didn’t give up and won in our “Month of Winning” post!

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  1. I have been playing for over 30 years almost every day and almost every game that is on the pch web site. I started in the early 80`s when you had to find the correct stamp and mail it in…I am trying so hard to keep playing.

  2. I have been entering PCH sweepstakes for 35 years, I started in 1988. The Prize Patrol, can’t find Ronnie. They say that they have been in KY. I haven’t seen them, they say that they have been in Kentucky. Oh, if you are Danielle, Dave or Howie then you can answer my question.

  3. I have been playing since 1985. First before computers by mail. I am about to give this up. If it has not shown up by now when I really need it, it is not meant to be.

  4. I’ve been with PCH for over 20 years. I play religiously. I just pray one day I will be pulled out of my poverty life and given a chance to live, good for me and my family the rest of my years.

  5. For 35 years of entering PCH sweepstakes I haven’t won. Let alone seen the Prize Patrol, they can’t find Horse Cave KY. Nor can they find Ronnie. The people who have won, what did they order to win & were did they live? Not in Horse Cave KY.

    1. Hello Ronnie, Our winner selection process is completely random; there’s no way to know who our next winner will be so don’t stop trying. I would like to remind you that you never have to buy anything to enter or to win. Our sweepstakes is designed to create interest in our many great product and magazine offers but a purchase is not required and won’t help your chances of winning. Most of our major prize winners sent in a submission that was an entry only and no purchase was made. We really mean it when we say that it’s free to enter and free to win. There are multiple ways that you can enter into our many great giveaways. To see all of the ways you can enter each day, click here: Good luck to you and all who enter!!

  6. I am so very happy for your win. I have been playing for abut 30 years…before we had computers, but it was under my maiden name. PCH records show I have been playing since 2009 but it has been much longer. I can’t do the questions or surveys because I get way to many spam calls. I really wish PCH would send me emails again so I can get the specials deals. Thanks