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Let PCH make The Witching Hour The WINNING Hour for friends like YOU!


A cold wind is whistling, PCH prizes stacked high
Black cats and witches and werewolves — Oh MY!
But Our Prize Patrol laughs at all ghouls, ghosts and geeks
who try and divert them from the winners they seek.
Jack O’ Lanterns are glowing and grinning their grins
Lighting the way to the prizes folks win
When they come to The Clearing House and try out their luck
On this darkest of nights when the imps run amok
PCH is the place to go for big prizes …
While vampire bats fly and the pale moon arises
It costs not a penny to go for it all.
Entering’s fast and it’s FREE and really a ball
When you play the FREE games that we’ve got in store,
Like Blackjack and Lotto and Slots and much more!
And say “Hi” to the Prize Patrol —
Dave, Danielle, Todd and Howie —
Who bring winners glad tidings, Cleveland to Maui.
And use PCHSearch&Win for every Web search,
And snag cool instant prizes, be you Pugsly or Lurch.
Guys, do you really believe in witches and ghouls?
Nahhhh  – good friends like you are too smart to be fooled.
No spells will be cast, no voodoo, no hex —
Just real folks really winning … and YOU could be NEXT!

Happy Halloween!

PCH Creative

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