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Would You Rather Save OR Spend Your Winner’s Choice Winnings?

Hey there, PCH friends! Happy Friday!

We’ve been pondering “Winnings” here at PCH headquarters, and we’d like to get your opinion on something. Let us paint the picture for you.


Picture it – December 23, 2016. You’re busy prepping for the holiday season when suddenly, there’s a knock at your door. You think to yourself, “That’s strange; I’m not expecting anyone today. Who could it be?” Intrigued, you go to the front door and look out the peephole (safety first). You see several people on your doorstep that you don’t immediately recognize … and then all of a sudden it hits you. They are holding roses and balloons and what appears to be a “Big Check!” It’s the PCH Prize Patrol  – and they’ve come to award you your winnings from the Winner’s Choice Prize – $10,000 A Week for Life OR $10 Million All At Once! Just imagine… it’s happening – you’ve won! An incredible rush of excitement and speechless glee rushes over you. All this money dropped in your lap – millions of dollars to do with as you please – your financial worries about to be over! Life as you know it will never be the same!

Now, we want to know. If this scenario were to come true – and you were to win the Winner’s Choice Prize in our Special Early Look event this December – what would you decide when faced with the following question:


Tough question, am I right? There’s so much to consider, and there are definite benefits to both!

Save Your Winnings
It feels great to save
It’s a relief to have money in the bank
You can retire early
You have money for emergencies
You can leave a legacy

Spend Your Winnings
Spending is liberating and fun
You can pay off debt
You can upgrade your lifestyle
You can help out loved ones
You can enjoy the finer things in life

We suspect that anyone who has ever won any money has asked themself this very question: “Should I save or spend my winnings?” It’s the age-old question for sure. But the good news is there’s no right or wrong answer! It’s just what works best for you … and what a fun question to ponder, huh?

If you haven’t done so already, you just might want to start thinking about it – and make sure you’re entered to win – because PCH will be looking for a winner of the millionaire-making Winner’s Choice Prize next month. You could become that winner but only if you enter! So what are you waiting for? Head over to now!

So tell us … if you got an unexpected visit from the Prize Patrol, and they were to award you that glorious Winner’s Choice fortune… would you rather SAVE your winnings or SPEND your winnings? We want to know, so comment below!

Tina P.
PCH Creative

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