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#WinnerWednesday: A Celebration of PCH Winners!

Greetings, fans and friends!

As you may know, every other Wednesday here on the PCH Blog is #WinnerWednesday, when we shine the spotlight on PCH winners of smaller prizes, whom we also feature on the PCH Fan Page on Facebook.

Well, in order to write a #WinnerWednesday blog, I need pictures of PCH winners – which I get from our PCH Social Media team (who, in turn, gets it from the PCH Contest Department). So when I recently requested some more pictures, I didn’t get 3 … I didn’t get 10 … I got more pictures than I can fit on my desk!!


And so, dear fans and friends – and all of you folks out there who don’t believe that real people win PCH prizes – I present … LOTS OF PCH WINNERS!

Check out this scene … we have winners of all ages, of all ethnic backgrounds, from all parts of the country. We have winners from the South, like Aaron M. of South Carolina … from deep in the heart of Texas, like Doris W. of Greenville … from the West, like Thomas G. of Nevada … and from the East, like Alexander C. of Massachusetts.

Now, consider these facts (and I’m not making them up; they’re all on a sign down the hall from me):

  • There is a PCH winner every 5 minutes.
  • PCH has 300 winners every single day.
  • There have been over 676,266 Winning Experiences (2016 to date)
  • PCH has awarded $300 Million in prizes since 1966 (as of 10/11/16)
  • $21, 671,737 has been awarded in 2016 alone (and we’re not done yet!)
  • 6.4 Million is the number of times PCH has proclaimed the following words: “Congratulations … you are a winner!”

These aren’t just numbers, friends – they’re measures of JOY and HAPPINESS. Behind each fact there’s a smiling face … a delighted man or woman … a person who could finally be able to pay a bill, send a child to college, or buy an item he or she was not able to afford before. Most importantly, perhaps, behind every one of these figures is a PCH winner who probably thought, at some time or other, “this could never happen to me.”

So, thank you for entering, Ann R., of Cherry Hill, NC. Thank you for entering, Ray N., of Tualatin, OR. Thank you, for entering, JoCarol S., of Shinnston, WV. You won PCH prizes! And I have your pictures on my desk to prove it!

And thank you, everyone, who’s been in it to win it! 

Would you like your photo to land on my desk and be featured in a future #WinnerWednesday blog? All you’ve got to do is enter! 

Hey, I hope you win!


Debbie K.
PCH Creative

P.S. My colleague Victoria has some awesome Thanksgiving prep tips for you on today’s PCHsearch&win blog. Check it out now!

P.P.S. If you’ve won a PCH prize (of any amount) and would like to be featured in this blog, comment below or tweet us using the hashtag #WinnerWednesday!

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  1. If I did win and I wasn’t able to be reached, for unseen circumstances like, stolen phone, had to move from current location, moved out of the state, how can I find out if I won, or won and couldn’t be located? Please advise on the do’s and don’t.

    1. Hi Carter! PCH and the Prize Patrol do not take awarding winners lightly; it’s very important to all of us that a winner is found and awarded their prize. If a winner is not home, the Prize Patrol will do whatever it takes to locate them. Rest assured, if you are our lucky winner, you will receive your award. On giveaway days we encourage everyone to go about business as usual. With that being said, there are many times that the Prize Patrol has surprised winners at their place of employment. They’ve also found winners in hospitals, at church, even on vacation! Check out this FAQ for more info about winners not being home: Have a great day!