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Prize Patrol Duty Is Not Easy

Everyone we meet says “You Prize Patrol’ers have the greatest job in the world.”  They’re right of course.  What could be more thrilling and satisfying than surprising devoted PCH Fans!   They scream, shake, cry – and then are so relieved to be able to pay bills and turn sleepless nights into sweet dreams.

While our arrival at winners’ doors might look effortless on TV, Prize Patrol duty isn’t always easy.  What we can’t show you in short TV spots are the obstacles that often threaten the smooth delivery of those Big Checks.

Take, for example, our recent visits to VIP $10,000.00 winners Diane Mumford and Tonya Raimondi.


We flew into Richmond, VA, in the morning, then had to drive almost two hours (thanks to construction!) to a small town on Virginia’s Northern Neck.  A local florist provided a beautiful rose bouquet but had no helium for our PCH balloons.  So we had to find another source.  Once the balloons were inflated they sprang loose from inside the van and flew out over Chesapeake Bay.  Yikes!  Moving on we found no one at the Mumford home.  But we did locate Diane’s husband Phillip at his nearby office.  He was shocked but gladly volunteered to halt a meeting and lead us to the county courthouse ten minutes away where Diane is an elected official.  There we surprised her – and promised we’d send more balloons so her children could re-live their mother’s exciting “winning moment.”


Another long drive and two nighttime flights got us to Wilmington, NC – still recovering from Hurricane Matthew.  Alas, despite a confirmed reservation, there were no rental vehicles to be had anywhere – except one humongous cargo van.  With no choice we drove it to our downtown hotel and had a quick supper before turning in.  The next morning we picked up more roses — but again no helium at the florist.  After another detour we found a cooperative supermarket.


Finally we arrived at the winner’s address, an empty apartment being readied for a new tenant What to do?!?   Phone calls to PCH HQ were no help.  At last the president of the apartment complex saw us and asked what was going on.  It turned out he knew our winner Tonya who had just moved to Raleigh, over two hours away.  He phoned her and told her a “big package” (contents unknown) was on its way – but an address was needed.  Mystified but unsuspecting, she provided that info.  Off we went, encountering flood detours on the three-hour trip (six hours including our necessary return to Wilmington).  Tonya was a shocked and very happy winner.  Mission accomplished!


So – you see delivering Big Checks is not always easy.  YOU have the easy job; all you have to do is enter the Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes and – poof! – your dreams of the Prize Patrol arriving at your door could come true.

Dave Sayer
PCH Prize Patrol Ambassador

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