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What Would Winning A SuperPrize Truly Mean For You?

It’s here! Just one day left for you to enter for the Winner’s Choice SuperPrize! That’s right, if a matching winning number is found, a prize event winner would be able to choose between getting $10,000.00 A Week for Life or $10 Million all at once! That’s a lot of money, and truly life-changing!


We’ve been talking about this prize event for a while here on the blog, so hopefully by now you know that we’re serious about this imminent prize opportunity! And with just one day left to enter, it’s time to be “in it to win it!” Enter now! Seriously do it. I’ll wait right here.

Ok, are you back? Good. As a blog reader, I’m sure you’re the sort of person who knows winning a SuperPrize can really happen. You’ve seen the posts from the Prize Patrol, you’ve read the winner follow-ups, and you’ve seen the amazing winning moments. So why couldn’t the winner end up being you? You have just as much of a chance as any once else!

Since we’re talking conversationally, let me ask you: What would winning truly mean to you?

For some, winning a SuperPrize would mean getting away from debt. Whether it’s your credit cards, student loans, car payments (or just your mortgage), a SuperPrize would probably mean freedom from the debt you owe to others! Did you know that most Americans struggle with large amounts of debt? Think about SuperPrize winner Laurie Aragon. While the Prize Patrol was delivering her SuperPrize, a utility company was showing up to turn off her power! So many people in our country find themselves in that position all the time.

$10,000 A Week for Life or $10 Million All At Once? Taking home either prize would mean some serious financial security for later in life. Not everyone has had the chance to save up a nest egg for his or her retirement.  Very recent winner Diane Jehanian was so relieved when she won, because her husband was forced to retire early! Winning a SuperPrize meant they could rest a little bit easier. Or maybe you’d like to invest for future generations. Either way, having a SuperPrize means you could worry less and relax more! You could finally retire knowing that you truly have something to fall back on!

Also, I’m sure you’ve noticed that medical costs have been going up lately. Unfortunately many suffer with chronic medical issues, and those bills can pile up. I think about SuperPrize winners Penny Pompa and James Walker, both of whom had gone through serious medical issues before winning the SuperPrize. For a winner, getting this type of financial windfall could easily cover their own costs or those of a loved one.

Would winning a SuperPrize mean being more generous? Remember winner LeRoy Fauks? He and his wife are well known for their generosity to charities. Money from a SuperPrize could go towards funding a local charity you care about or making donations to large philanthropic organizations doing good across the world!

A SuperPrize would mean different things to different people, but I think it can be summed up in one word: change. It means change for the future. It means not living the same financial life you had before, and being truly free. Free to do as you please, to pursue happiness and all of its blessings.

So if you haven’t done so yet today … or ever … make sure you enter for the upcoming prize event, before it passes you by! Obviously … it means a lot!

Matt K.
PCH Creative

P.S.  What would winning a SuperPrize mean to you? Tell us in the comments below!

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  1. All I have ever wanted is financial security for my wonderful family after I’m gone hopefully it won’t be anytime soon. I was never able to give them all the extra things I always dreamed of giving them. We had a nice house and everything we needed, but as a mom, I always wanted to do more. They deserve so much. They have all grown up to be wonderful adults! We have always been so close and they have never asked for anything from me but love and support which I always had a lot of to give.
    God has truly blessed me with my family and my beautiful, wonderful, awesome
    grandkids. They have all made me so very happy. Thank you my Lord and Savior from the bottom of my heart.

  2. Winning the SuperPrize would mean I could pay off my bills, spend more time with my 2 daughters and not have the stress of wondering if I’ll be able to make rent each month.
    Winning the SuperPrize would mean I could travel to see my parents in Colorado instead of just talking to them over the phone. My dad has had cancer twice in the past few years.
    I would have the time to help coach little league baseball kids instead of working till night every week and driving by the fields.
    Winning the SuperPrize give me options in the medical field in my battle with my MS.
    Winning the SuperPrize would be a blessing for my family and I.