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Guess Who’s Back On The Price Is Right?

Tune in to Daytime Emmy Award-winning game show THE PRICE IS RIGHT, television’s #1-rated daytime program and the longest-running game show in television history and you’ll see a familiar sight: the Prize Patrol is BACK, handing out big prizes to game show winners!

This is the PCH Prize Patrol’s 4th week-long appearance on The Price Is Right! The team loves heading back to California to partner with the crew at The Price Is Right. After all, PCH and the beloved game show have some similarities that I’ll list out for you.

Big prizes? “CHECK!”

Huge winner reactions? “CHECK!”

Familiar faces awarding the prizes? “CHECK!”

PCH and The Price Is Right know what it’s like to give away big prizes to lucky winners… they’ve seen those HUGE reactions that we all know and love – screams, tears, and jumping. And this round of winners did not disappoint. But I can’t give away too much – you’ll have to watch and see how they react!  

The Prize Patrol will award $100,000 in bonus money throughout the week. That’s $20,000 every day on The Price Is Right! Make sure you tune in to CBS Weekdays 11a – 12p ET / 10a – 11a PT to see America’s favorite houseguests hanging out on this iconic game show!

Danielle Lam
PCH Prize Patrol Elite

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