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Are You Ready to Kick Off the New Year With a Week of Winning?

It’s a new day in a new week in a new year, and that sounds like the perfect time for you to start winning! The powers-that-be here at PCH headquarters in Port Washington, NY, were kind enough to give us today off so chances are I’m home right now getting ready for an exciting slate of college football bowl games.

Hopefully, one of your New Year’s resolutions was to keep entering at PCH and make 2017 the year you score some wins! If so, you’ve come to the right place because we’ll be giving away cash and/or prizes EVERY DAY this year!


We’re starting things off the right way, with more cash prizes for the daily games tournaments (six $100 winners every day versus four) and a bevy of giveaways available exclusively by searching at PCHSearch&Win.

Here’s what you could win this week!

  • Monday, Jan. 2 – Kick off the week with a big CASH win! Six (6) $75 cash prizes are up for grabs today.
  • Tuesday, Jan. 3 – Searching could be so much easier with a new Dell computer! Search today for a $500 Dell gift card.
  • Wednesday, Jan. 4 – #WinnerWednesday is wild! 25 Amazon $5 gift cards are available PLUS cash winners every 15 minutes after 7PM!
  • Thursday, Jan. 5 $3,750 in cash and prizes today!!! Search all day for these prizes:
    • Three (3) $500 Walmart gift cards
    • Ten (10) $50 Target gift cards
    • Four (4) $250 Amazon gift cards
    • Twenty (20) $25 CASH prizes
    • Five (5) $50 Dell gift cards
  • Friday, Jan. 6 – Enjoy the great outdoors in 2017! Get started here and win one of ten $50 Cabela’s gift cards.
  • Saturday, Jan. 7 – It’s shoe-in Saturday. Search today and you could win a $50 gift card to
  • Sunday, Jan. 8 – Over stock is in style! Today you could win a $100 gift card to

Plus, if you know anything about PCH, you know we’re always about great games and cash giveaways! Make sure you enter and/or play every day this week because here’s what we have in store for you:

PCHgames Daily Cash Tournaments

Now that PCHgames’ daily cash tournaments are available on desktop computer, mobile device, and tablet, there are SIX chances to win $100 every day now as both the top scorer and top token earner WIN BIG! Plus, you’ll always earn double tokens while playing the daily cash tournament game!

This week’s daily cash tournaments  include:


There you have it fans and friends! Keep the winning spirit alive this year and take advantage of all of PCH’s awesome ways to win!

Happy New Year,

Russell S.
PCH Creative


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