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#WinnerWednesday: PCH Winners Love to Enter to Win!

 Greetings, fans and friends!

It’s #WinnerWednesday again! That special occasion that arrives twice a month when we give a hearty shout-out to PCH winners who have won smaller prizes – and who absolutely love to enter to win!

That’s right, fans and friends, today’s PCH winners spotlighted below are ordinary folks who, with a little perseverance and a lot of luck, won a small PCH prize. (Remember, you can read about more #WinnerWednesday winners every Wednesday on the PCH Fan Page on Facebook!)

Jason A. (pictured above with his baby) is a PCH winner who loves playing PCH’s free and fun games every day. While playing on the PCHplay&win App last year, he received a $5.00 credit from last year!

“I have been playing since 2014 and I feel like my time to win the Big Prize is right around the corner,” Jason says. In addition to the PCHPlay&Win App, Jason enjoys PCHlotto, and the PCHfrontpage App (iPhone and Android).

“I enter as many sweepstakes as I can each day, and play PCH scratch games too,” Jason adds. “The games are fun and the chance to win makes it even more exciting! I also use tokens collected from these games to enter even more prize contests. I have collected almost 35 million tokens so far!! I love playing PCH!!”


Ron K. (above) of Sarasota, FL turned his cash into caffeine! He received a surprise in the mail: a check from PCH for $10.00.

“I was so excited,” Ron says. “Bought me a couple of drinks from Starbucks!!!”

Ron tells me he enters the PCH Sweeps every day, and he’s always “in it to win it.” 

Ron also says he appreciates all the ordering privileges he gets from PCH (like free inspection, 100% satisfaction and no-hassle return policy) and ordered Christmas gifts from PCH for his daughter, granddaughter and granddaughter’s fiancé.

Donna M.F. (not pictured) also won a small PCH prize – plus, after that, she won $100 from a state lottery scratch-off game. Talk about a winning streak! Donna congratulates our newest millionaire, Annette Jenkins of Morristown, TN on her big win.

Do YOU love to enter to win PCH prizes? Would YOU like to be the next big PCH winner? Well, here on the new PCHblog, we make entering the PCH Sweeps simple! Simply click on the link at the upper right side of this page and you’ll be able to enter to win the mind-blowing PCH SuperPrize!

Stay in it to win it!

Debbie K.
PCH Creative

P.S. If you’ve already won a PCH prize – of any amount – please comment below and let all our blog readers know! Or, tweet us using the hashtag #WinnerWednesday. Who knows? YOU might be starring in a future #WinnerWednesday blog!


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