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Not All Heroes Wear Capes: The Prize Patrol = Superheroes

Whenever I think of a superhero, a certain image pops into my head. I’m sure we’ve all seen the cartoons, the comic books, the television shows, and the movies that tell the stories of the superheroes; flying into the scene, with their capes blowing in the wind… inevitably saving the day again and again. Trouble doesn’t stand a chance against these superheroes!

But as this image was playing in my head, I thought to myself… well, superheroes aren’t just the ones we see in the movies. Anyone could be a superhero. Helping a friend when they’re in need could make you a superhero. A parent helping their child with their homework… they’re a superhero. Giving a compliment, or even just smiling and waving to a neighbor… that could make you a superhero. In fact, it is true what they say; not all heroes wear capes. Superheroes are all around us, every day.

And that is when I realized something; The Prize Patrol  members are superheroes. They help people, they bring joy to people’s lives, and they spread happiness to the world. When they travel the country in the Prize Patrol Van (or the “prizemobile”, as some wish to call it), and when they award amazing prizes to winners and their families… they are superheroes!

And without a doubt, The Prize Patrol saves the day time and time again. For instance, take this February for example; The Prize Patrol is GUARANTEED to deliver a $5,OOO.OO A Week “Forever” Prize to a lucky winner on February 24th. That means that the winner of this prize will receive $5,OOO.OO a week for their life, then after that, those same payments will continue on for the life of a beneficiary of the winner’s choosing. So, this legacy-making prize would help the winner’s family members for years. That’s a lot of money, for a long time. And that’s pretty super, for sure.

See what I’m saying? Superheroes and The Prize Patrol members are basically one in the same – they help people, they bring hope to the world, and they save the day again and again.

When winners are awarded amazing SuperPrizes, they often mention that it feels like The Prize Patrol saved the day. Enter today  and you could meet these “Superheroes” this February if you’re named the winner of this legacy-making prize.

Now, we’re wondering… who is a superhero in your life? Please feel free to tell us in the comments section below!

Nicole M.
PCH Creative


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