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Just An Average Saturday … For A MILLIONAIRE!

Hi everyone! I’m so excited! In less than a month – February 24th, to be exact – someone will definitely become a MILLIONAIRE with a special delivery from the PCH Prize Patrol!

That’s right: a very lucky winner (maybe YOU?) is guaranteed to be announced on February 24th. And the prize is just incredible — $5,000 every week for a winner’s life and after that, $5,000 every week for the life of someone the winner chooses!

That means just weeks from now, someone’s life could totally change “forever” – just like that! That’s why I have a crucial question for you to consider. Tell me in the comments section below:

If you woke up a millionaire tomorrow, how would you spend your Saturday?

I know – that’s a lot to think about on the spot, but pondering a fortune of that magnitude is just so much fun, isn’t it? And people really do win, so it’s important to be ready! So … what would you do if you become a SuperPrize winner on 2/24/17? Would you throw a huge party? Book a vacation? Buy something big? Start immediately on that bucket list? The options would be endless!

If I was eligible to win (PCH employees are not eligible to enter sweepstakes), and I woke up a millionaire, I’d spend my Saturday by packing up my lovely Autumn (my beautiful doggie) and hitting the pavement for a fantastic cross-country road trip! I can see it now – me and Autumn on the open road, the wind blowing through our hair (ummm, I mean my hair and her fur), and nothing but glorious nature all around us. That would make me so happy!

Me and my pooch Autumn


But I want to hear what all of you guys out there would do. If you woke up a millionaire tomorrow, how would you all spend your Saturday? Please tell me in the comments below. Also – be sure to tell us if you have a pet that you would spoil with your winnings!

So while I was daydreaming about Saturday Millionaire fantasies, I thought it would be fun to ask a couple of the other PCH bloggers  the same question. And this is what they had to say!

Amanda C: “I’d hop on board the first flight to Hawaii! Anything to escape this cold and get a little Vitamin SEA!”

Laurel U: “I’d rent a movie theater and invite my friends, family and everyone in town to watch old-timey Saturday Morning Cartoons in their pajamas … fully catered with the finest cereal and milk, of course!”

Ha! Those are awesome ideas! This is so much fun, so let’s keep the momentum going with even more great ideas rolling in, ok? Please comment below! AND make sure you keep entering to win our $5,000 A Week “Forever” prize on Friday, February 24th.You just might have the best Saturday of your life very soon! Good luck!

Tina P.
PCH Creative

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