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PCH Winner Gets A BIG CHECK Delivery In Jersey City From The PCH Prize Patrol!

What’s better than celebrating the start of a new year? Finding out that you just won $20,000! For Christina Beaufort of Jersey City, New Jersey, that’s exactly what happened.  Her New Year kicked off with a BIG CHECK delivery from the PCH Prize Patrol!

Prize Patrol elite member Danielle Lam arrived at Christina’s apartment early on January 6th, but was disappointed to find out she wasn’t home! Luckily, Christina has some super helpful neighbors who pointed Danielle in the right direction to her place of work.

Danielle made it there, but then, with the assistance of some of Christina’s co-workers, patiently waited for her to come outside. Christina’s co-workers tricked her and said that her car lights were left on! As Christina turned the corner, she saw Danielle holding a $20,000 check! After her initial shock, she became instantly overjoyed with screams, jumps and smiles that she was a PCH Winner!

Christina is a Special Education teacher in math. She currently has three children, whom she said will be “super happy” to hear she won. Her oldest daughter is a senior in college on the Dean’s List! She plans to use her winnings to help pay off some debts.

Christina didn’t believe she would ever win, or that any one from Jersey City would win! But, PCH has a winner in every state!  (Be sure to check out tomorrow’s blog from my colleague Matt for a list of winners from around the country!) As for those still waiting to become a PCH Winner, Christina says, “Keep trying! Keep doing it! Enter every day, every five minutes, every five seconds! It pays off!”

Take Christina’s advice and make sure you enter for your chance to become the winner of our next SuperPrize, the PCH “Forever” prize on February 24th!  Good Luck!

Nelly O.
PCH Creative

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