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How To Win Money With PCH

Money won may be twice as sweet as money earned, but there’s still the question of how to win money. Plenty of people lose fortunes by gambling and by betting on sports. Little did they know they could win money with PCH–for free!

I know most of you know all about how to win money with PCH. But I’m looking for someone who doesn’t know how. Is there anybody out there?

Yes, I am new here, and I am a bit skeptical that I could win money with PCH. You mean to tell me people actually win cash prizes?

Good question, my new friend. Every time I tell someone I work at PCH they ask me the same thing, so you are not alone. Yes, people really win and there are many different ways you can enter to win money with us. And because there are so many, I’ll review a few for you.

First, let’s make sure you know about our most exciting prize. You can enter into the PCH Sweepstakes right now and on April 28th you could win $7,000 A Week For Life! If you win this prize, you would receive weekly checks for seven thousand dollars for the rest of your life.

Incredible! But how can I enter this sweepstakes, and am I limited to how many times I may enter?

Listen up: you can enter to win several times a day by entering the PCH Sweeps once per day on each PCH property (by “property,” I mean “website,” such as and PCHfrontpage), and on some properties you can even enter from multiple devices. Yes, there are so many ways to enter at PCH, and they’re all free and fun!

Those are two words I like – free and fun.

Then I must tell you about our super-funToken Games, which have daily tournaments where you have a chance to win cash prizes; both Top Scorer and Top Token Earner will win $100. And after you play ten games you can go for the $500 instant win game! Plus, you’ll get an entry to win $1 Million with your first game play of the day!

All that just for playing free games?

That’s right. But we also have Instant Win games, where you’ll get a shot at Major Cash Payouts with every game, Slots tournaments where you could win over $10,000 INSTANTLY, and Blackjack tournaments where the top scorer will win a Cash Prize.

But if games aren’t your thing, we have even more ways to win, like simply searching the web with PCHSearch&Win. But what if I told you how to win money just by watching videos, would you be interested?

I would indeed.

Good, because you can win cash prizes just by watching videos on PCHTV. After you’ve watched your first video, you’ll be entered to Win $2 Million. And after you’ve played any ten videos, you’ll unlock your shot at a $500 Bonus Instant Win Game!

So do you now believe that you could win money with PCH?

I certainly do. It seems like you have an awful lot of ways to win money.

That we do, plus many more! But instead of talking about all the different ways of how to win money with PCH, I suggest you check them all out at, and come back to the PCH Blog anytime you want to read all about winning opportunities and winning moments!

Joe W
PCH Creative

P.S. Do any fans have recommendations on where new fans should start?

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  1. I’ve been doing this for a few years. I do my entries, my tokens, I check my email every few hours. I do the I do all pch sweepstakes all day everyday…. All I’ve won is $10.00.