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Help Keep Your Furry Friends Happy All Season With PCHSearch&Win!

Calling all pet lovers! If you or someone close to you has a furry family member, then this blog is sure to put a smile on your face. I mean, let’s face it PCH fans, having a pet is definitely a bit of work, but the experience is so rewarding. I could have the worst day ever but as soon as I come home to my pup Abby (that’s her shown above), it instantly lifts my mood. I love spending quality time with her. Now that it’s springtime it got me thinking about all the ways we can enjoy the great outdoors with our furry pals! Luckily PCHSearch&Win  is here and ready to help with suggestions to keep your pets happy all spring and summer long.

Abby loves being outside whenever it’s sunny and one of her favorite things to do is go on long walks! She’ll even stare at her leash and whine when she wants me to go out with her. While I enjoy the walks just as much as she does, I also love letting her run around in our yard where I can play fetch and tug with her. This got me thinking about what other fun outdoor toys there are for dogs. I immediately headed right to PCHSearch&Win  to see what my local pet stores had in stock. I found some really fun Frisbees, fetch toys and more that were all perfect for outdoor play!

Of course I wanted to share my experience with my fellow PCHers who have pets! I wanted to see what warm weather fun and tips they had for their pets! Check out their suggestions and adorable photos below.

Fellow Blogger Tina P. shared a photo of her beautiful dog Autumn enjoying a playdate at a local dog park. ”Playdates or dog park days are not only fun, they’re also good for your pet.” She said. I agree Tina, socializing your dog is so important, and it looks like Autumn is having a ton of fun! Why not head over to PCHSearch&Win and find some dog parks in your area?

Tina’s Autumn enjoying some fun with another furry friend

Nicole M. had another great suggestion. She shared this adorable photo of her childhood dog Montie enjoying a stroll on the beach. She reminisced about her dog saying “she LOVED the beach and just loved being in the sand.”

Nicole’s Montie enjoying the sun and sand

Surprisingly dogs aren’t the only furry friends to enjoy outdoors. Russell S. shared a photo of his cat Spotty exploring his yard, even though he tells me that Spotty is typically an indoor cat! “He’s thoroughly intrigued by the outdoors” he said.

Russell’s Spotty seems to be enjoying the nice weather

Fellow creative employee and blog writer Debbie K. also shared a photo of her gorgeous long-haired beauty Chloe. While she said Chloe tends to stay indoors, she did have a great suggestion for fellow cat owners.

“When the warm weather comes, I remember to brush my cat Chloe’s fur more often. She is a long-haired cat and her fur gets matted easily. Matted fur traps heat, and brushing allows air to flow through it to keep Chloe cooler.”


Debbie’s longhaired beauty Chloe poses for a photo. Look at that fur!

So PCH fans, I hope you’ve enjoyed the great suggestions and tips (and of course adorable photos) my fellow PCH friends had to share. There are many great suggestions here and of course even more that you can find using PCHSearch&Win ! Also, remember that after logging in, PCHSearch&Win gives you the chance to win INSTANTLY and the opportunity to enter our fabulous PCH Sweepstakes!

Victoria P.
PCH Creative

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