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Motivational Monday: Do You Believe In Luck?


Monday. All too often, this poor day of the week is associated with the dreary blahs. But it doesn’t have to be that way, and it’s definitely not at PCH! Here, Monday is another chance to play games, read blogs, bank tokens and WIN BIG MONEY like our latest “Win It All” SuperPrize where a winner would receive $2 Million upfront, $10,000 A Month for Life AND a brand new Lincoln MKZ valued at over $36,000! But even more so, our Mondays are Motivational, and they set the pace for the entire week. Today our inspiration comes from legendary Playwright Tennessee Williams, who said, “Luck is believing you’re lucky.”

So, what does that mean really? I think luck plays a bigger role in most of our lives than we tend to realize. For example, do you walk around ladders instead of under them? Do you worry about the classic seven years bad luck for breaking a mirror?

But I don’t think Tennessee was thinking about luck in the traditional “good luck” / “bad Luck” sense. I think he was trying to encourage us to stay positive, and that would in turn create good luck. And I think staying positive – for whatever reason – is always a great idea, whether you’re shooting for good luck or not. Here at PCH, we thrive on staying positive. And our fans do, too. Just listen to what some of our “lucky” past winners had to say:

  • “Don’t give up. I won, and I never give up. Keep doing it, keep playing – I do every day.”
    ~ $10,000 Winner, Yvonne Pollack
  • “I never gave up. I kept saying, you gotta do it. That’s it – you don’t give up.”
    ~ $1 Million Winner, Rosemary Cella
  • “I always said I’m gonna win, I’m gonna win, I’m gonna keep doing this, and it happened!”
    ~ $1 Million Winner, Mark Johnson

Incredible, right? Mondays don’t have to be associated with lackluster blahs. Mondays should be filled with excited enthusiasm! It’s another day to put positivity to good use. Whether that’s by smiling at a stranger, doing something kind or by entering to “Win It All”: $2 Million upfront, $10,000 A Month for Life AND a brand new Lincoln MKZ valued at over $36,000! That amount of money could afford you to improve your own life, help your loved ones and even donate to your favorite causes. I’d say that is better than good luck – it’s awesome luck!

So when Tennessee said, “Luck is believing you’re lucky,” maybe he was teaching us a little lesson in positivity. (I wonder if he ever won a PCH sweepstakes.) Do you believe in luck ? Do you believe that projecting positivity attracts good fortune? Do you avoid “bad luck” situations? What’s your interpretation of this famous quote? Please share your thoughts in the comments below, and let’s help inspire each other!

Well, today is Monday for me too, friends. I’m feeling positive, motivated and ready to conquer the world with my trusted canine companion, Autumn, by my side. I hope you are too! You never know, if you keep smiling and stay in it to win it, you just might join our PCH Winner family! So keep the faith, stay positive, and I truly hope you have the luckiest day and more!

Tina P.
Online Creative

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