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Are You Ready for Another Week of Winning?

Greetings Blog Readers,

For one lucky horse and jockey, yesterday culminated an historic week of winning! Did you enjoy Derby Day? Were you cheering as the top horses ran for the roses and a win in the first leg of thoroughbred racing’s rarest feat? Churchill Downs certainly has seen its fair share of winners over the years, just like PCHSearch&Win  has.

Use PCHSearch&Win to find the perfect mint julep recipe!

Fortunately, you don’t have to be a horse or a jockey to win with PCH, and with no fees ever, it could be a smarter bet than playing the ponies. Plus, we have winners every day and, just by searching, today could become your day! Now, let’s take a closer look at what PCH prizewinners will take home during this Week of Winning.

  • Monday, May 8, kicks off the week of winning with five $100 gift cards to
  • Tuesday, May 9, kicks it up a notch with $3,750 in cash and prizes all day long
    • at 12 a.m. – THREE $500 Walmart gift cards
    • at 11 a.m. – TEN $50 Target gift cards
    • at 2 p.m. – FOUR $250 gift cards
    • at 5 p.m. – TWENTY $25 cash awards
    • at 8 p.m. – FIVE $50 Dell gift cards
  • Wednesday, May 10, is called #WinnerWednesday for a reason, with FIVE $75 cash awards and, starting at 7 p.m., a cash winner every 15 minutes!
  • Thursday, May 11, is a day for you to really target your searches, because they could win you one of FIVE $50 Target gift cards
  • Friday, May 12, is National Odometer Day, so use PCHSearch&Win  to find out how close you are to the nearest Regal cinema, and you could win one of FIVE $25 Regal gift cards
  • Saturday, May 13, is Straight Cash Saturday, with FIVE $50 cash awards
  • Sunday, May 14, is Cash o’Clock day, with cash winners all day long

And there you have it! PCH is prepared for another week of winning at PCHSearch&Win ! Are you ready? Just use PCHSearch&Win like you would any other search engine, but remember that it’s not like any other search engine because it’s the only one that can make you a PCH millionaire!

Happy Searching,

Russell S.
PCH Creative


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