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SWEEPSTAKES SCAM ALERT: Are YOU Accidentally Helping Scammers?

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Scammers out there have found a new way to take advantage of sweepstakes participants like you. And since preventing every Sweepstakes Scam  we can is so important here at PCH, we want to make sure you’re protected by giving you the facts!

FACT: Scammers Can Trick You By Getting You to “LIKE” Them

Just like a used car salesman who insists that you need to buy TODAY — internet scammers try to get “likes” on Facebook by using our emotions against us. They’ll post funny things, sad things, quizzes that only 1% of the population can solve and, of course, fraudulent sweepstakes that ask you to interact to enter. And the reason is simple… they want to get people to “like and share” — and then, hopefully get their friends to “like and share” their bogus Facebook pages as well.

FACT: What You “LIKE” on Facebook Matters

Clicking “like” and sharing may seem harmless, but the truth is these “likes” can help scammers. For example, if they are posting pictures of cute bunnies or grandmas with funny captions and you “like” them, this tells Facebook they are a trusted company – so they can then easily begin posting some less desirable things you may not like so much — including low quality product offers, spam or even attempts to collect sensitive credit card information!

FACT: Social Media Can Be Fun and Safe for Everyone

Don’t get me wrong, most of the posts out there are safe – and we love connecting with our fans on Facebook, especially when you “like and share” with us! That’s why we want to help “spoil” the plans of the few “bad seeds” out there, by making sure you know how to tell the difference between legitimate content and a sweepstakes scam — so you don’t accidentally put yourself at risk.

Please Take A Look At These Tips:

 Tip 1: Check the age of the page!

How old is the page posting this content? Scroll down on their Wall to see if they’ve posted for just a few weeks… months… a year…? If they aren’t very old, they may not be trustworthy.

 Tip 2: Know the company!

Look for legitimate company names, like Publishers Clearing House, and visit their pages on Facebook to make sure a scammer isn’t trying to represent them fraudulently. Remember, the PCH pages on Facebook have been verified with a checkmark, and many other trustworthy companies have too.

Tip 3: Use your instincts!

If an offer just seems odd – like an electronics company giving away designer handbags – or just doesn’t feel right because of poor spelling and grammar, it’s best to just keep on scrolling.

Please, don’t accidentally help scammers! Use sweepstakes scam safety for yourself and your family by thinking about what you “like”! And whenever you have the urge to win big, make sure you enter with us on the PCH Fan Page on Facebook  or at!

Stay Safe & Enjoy The Sweepstakes!

Laurel U.
PCH Creative

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