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Best Beach Vacations in US

Best Beach Vacations in the US

The family summer beach vacation has been an American tradition since the 19th century. Every year, thousands of beachgoers descend upon the beaches on both coasts as soon as the weather turns warm, and this year it will be no different.

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Beaufort, North Carolina

What’s not to love about the beach paradise that is North Carolina’s Outer Banks? With its rich and colorful history (Beaufort was discovered by the legendary pirate Blackbeard when his frigate ran aground here in 1718), Beaufort is a vacationer’s dream. It has three fantastic, and relatively uncrowded beaches, some of the best sunsets you’ll ever see, and the North Carolina Maritime Museum, which contains actual artifacts from the wreck of Blackbeard’s ship – the Queen Anne’s Revenge. Or, for a bit of adventure, you can dive and explore the variety of unsurfaced wrecks littered around Crystal Coast.

 Asbury Park, New Jersey

Asbury Park was popular as a beach destination long before it graced the cover of Bruce Springsteen’s album back in 1973. And, like that album, the town is gritty and often underrated when compared to other, more glamourous beaches elsewhere. But the truth is, a visit to Asbury Park is like taking a trip back in time. You can feel the energy in the air with its live music, excellent eats, and trendsetting bars. If you visit, don’t forget to stop by The Stone Pony. It’s where the Boss started and it’s still as great as it ever was.

Cannon Beach, Oregon

Looking for a quaint and relaxing beach vacation? Few beaches offer the tranquility of Cannon Beach, Oregon. Here, the crowds are small, the town is filled with galleries and seafood restaurants, and you’ll be able to see the famous Haystack Rocks, which you will probably recognize from films like The Goonies and Point Break. As if that’s not enough reason to visit Cannon Beach, this area is also home to Ecola State Park, the best park in all of Oregon.

Haleiwa, Hawaii

In Hawaii, you can’t go wrong with any of its beaches, but the beaches at Haleiwa are really special. Haleiwa’s streets are lined with cool surf shops, eclectic restaurants, boutique stores, and art galleries. There is a lot of style, ambiance, and history on display here, especially in the plantation-era buildings that are peppered throughout the landscape. Whether you’re a serious surfer or you just like to watch, the waves in Haleiwa are some of the best you’ll find.

Laguna Beach, California

Long before California’s Laguna Beach become a part of reality TV history, it was a community of upscale art galleries, innovative restaurants, and excellent wine bars, and guess what? It still is! This cozy community tucked behind a canyon in Orange County sits right along the picturesque Pacific Coast Highway, where the area’s undeveloped cliffs and wide open ocean views make for a compelling drive, especially with the top down and your sunglasses on. This is the quintessential California beach town right here.

Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

Myrtle Beach has a bit of a bad reputation. Once favored by bikers, hippies, and rednecks, this beach town has since evolved into a trendy community fueled by cuisine, shopping, and art. Add to this the beach’s new 1.2-mile boardwalk and downtown promenade, the Myrtle Beach SkyWheel (which has the tallest observation deck on the East Coast), and some excellent surfing, and you have the makings of a memorable summer vacation.

Ocean City, Maryland

Ocean City, Maryland is another classic American beach town. It has everything you expect to find on the beach, from greasy food joints to t-shirt shops to mini-golf to ice cream and more. It even has a midway and Ferris wheel. If you hearken back to a time of boardwalk nostalgia and to when summer days never seemed to end and summer nights were hot and steamy, then this is the place to be.

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