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If Walls Could Talk …

As most of you have heard, Publishers Clearing House is moving.  By early July all our personnel and office stuff will have been relocated to new facilities about fifteen miles away.  Understandably there is a lot of excitement: about the new surroundings, the sleek design, the ultra-modern work/meeting spaces, the technological benefits, and — for many — an easier commute.

But for a PCH veteran like me the move is kind of bitter-sweet because it ends a chapter of PCH history full of wonderful memories.  If the walls of our old headquarters could talk, they would tell of years of hard work and business success – but also lots of fun, celebrations, picnics and visits from many of our sweepstakes winners.

When winners would visit PCH it was always a thrill for the employees — because only a few of us (the Prize Patrol) had met them in person before.  It was always gratifying for our hundreds of staffers to greet the winners and see firsthand what their labors had produced and realize how they had helped dreams come true.

Our office walls featured many large framed photographs of ecstatic winners holding their Big Checks.  Often the photos showed Prize Patrol’ers who had traveled with Todd Sloane and me to winners’ front doors – like Gina, Bruce, Carroll, Dorothy, Jennifer, John, Stacy, Scott, Juju, Jamie, Danielle B. and Eve — all illustrious predecessors to Danielle L. and Howie.  Wow!  It’s hard to believe, but we awarded hundreds and hundreds of prizes worth more than a quarter of a billion dollars!  And each of those presentations produced a heartwarming story.  Ahh the memories!

You may be thinking – “Hmmm. That’s fine for them.  But what about me?

Well, you can win too!   With our office-move a new chapter is beginning for PCH.  And with a lucky entry a new chapter could begin for you too!

Wishing you all the best.

Dave Sayer
PCH Prize Patrol Ambassador

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